The Cadillac CTS, My Dream Car To Die For

Cadillac is a timeless, luxury vehicle classic. The chic, four-wheeled racer is so flashy drivers continue to love it, old model or new. With horsepower that never quits and a mean grill, it's no surprise the Cadillac CTS is my dream car.

The Cadillac CTS is more than a car, it's an icon. It has been listed on Car and Driver's esteemed 10 Best Award numerous times and in its first year of production, the first-generation CTS was nominated for the 2002 North American Car of the Year award.

Even movie directors have taken notice of the Cadillac's sleek appearance. A classic example is a scene in All Eyez on Me, the biographical drama film about rapper Tupac Shakur, where a Cadillac pulls alongside Tupac's BMW for the infamous drive-by shooting that still remains unsolved. That was a historic moment in gangster history.

Fiction-based films love the Cadillac too. We all remember the 1939 Cadillac Fleetwood 75 Convertible Sedan in the old Batman movies. When these movies were released, it was inspirational to watch for those looking to get behind a classic Cadillac of their own.

As a true testament to its quality, the Cadillac CTS has an estimated annual maintenance cost of $656, according to Repair Pal. Even older Cadillacs are more than a collector's item. If taken care of, you can be proud to bring to these vehicles to the mechanic, and they are fairly affordable to maintain. It's also one of the best cars for your daily commute — not to mention the road trip you've been trying to take.

I can only imagine the good times and endless roads ahead after I purchase my first Cadillac. This vehicle truly is designed to dominate wide, open roads. Whether it's a brand-new Cadillac CTS Luxury, with all-wheel drive and eight-speed automatic transmission, or the 2016 Vsport, zooming along winding paths bumping loud music will be never-ending fun.

The Cadillac Community

Ask any Cadillac and LaSalle Club member what it's like to be a part of their community — Cadillac enthusiasts are a close group. There are even state-specific Cadillac and LaSalle clubs in certain states including Arizona and California but there are also several other notable Cadillac enthusiast clubs around the world.

These clubs often host shows and events, allowing Cadillac owners from everywhere to join in and appreciate the classic car's history. Not only can you find great food and fun prizes, but unlimited networking opportunities too. Those interested in getting started, I recommend the Annual Cadillac Through the Years show in Las Vegas or the Buick Olds Pontiac Cadillac Car Show and Swap Meet show in Auburndale, FL.

Unfortunately, global sales have been rising over the last few years, meaning, this luxury vehicle probably won't be more affordable any time soon, but hey at least the car will feel well-earned once it's finally mine.

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