I'm Going To End Up Burning My Bracket
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5 Things That Make Me Think I Might As Well Burn My Bracket For NCAA March Madness Tournament

Hopefully Duke won't disappoint like many other teams, because I picked them to win.

5 Things That Make Me Think I Might As Well Burn My Bracket For NCAA March Madness Tournament

I like watching sports but I never really got into college basketball. I did, however, fill out a march madness bracket this year and totally failed at it. It's looking pretty rough even though I watched a few games here and there and took what the experts said. I should have just went with which colors I like better as the deciding factor.

1. The initial 64 teams and eliminating half of them


Choosing the teams to be eliminated in the first round of the NCAA March Madness Tournament is incredibly difficult. Like I said, I don't watch a whole lot of college basketball so I got impatient real quick as I was going through the sixty-four teams that I had to eliminate so that probably added to the downward spiral I'm now experiencing.

2. The people that don't know what they're doing always seem to be at the front


The people that are in the lead in the group I'm a part of, are like four people that don't know anything about basketball or the March Madness brackets. And then it's the rest of us that either knows what we're doing or kind of knows what we're doing are in the middle or the end. It's kind of funny actually, I was talking to one of my friends and she says she always picks on what uniform colors she likes better and completely disregards everything else but she was in the top ten last year in her group.

3. I can't believe people actually place money on this


There are people that actually gamble and bet money on their brackets. Why? I feel like I would end up losing more than winning, so we'll just leave that to the die-hards.

4. People have more than 5 brackets? Really?


Can we just mention the people that have over five brackets? My manager told me that he has twenty-two brackets. Twenty-two. That's so many. How do you even keep up with that many or have that many combinations between teams?

5. It's actually just a guessing game


In the end, it's all about chance unless, of course, it's a one seed against a sixteen seed. Then it's almost guaranteed to be the one seed win. Murray State did surprise me with beating Marquette but I did pick them to win, and the game of MSST vs Liberty in the first round. Those are the 50/50 games that you kind of just have to randomly pick.

The bracket is looking really rough right as we're finishing the Sweet Sixteen and transitioning into the Elite Eight. I didn't think it would be this bad and my bracket is nowhere near salvageable at this point, but I'm kind of over it. I've accepted it and I need to move on but there's also a little part of me that holds hope to what's left of my picks that they won't disappoint me.

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