About two weeks ago, a friend of mine and I started our very own bullet journals. This is a branch off of journalling that combined a bunch of things together to make is so you have everything you need all in one place.

1. Start with a blank journal

Here is a sample layout.

You start off with a blank journal and fill it in with different logs. "Future log" is when you split up the year ahead, in our case, 2019 and write your tasks for the months ahead.

2. A Monthly Log

Next what I do, is break it down into a monthly log where every day has its own line and I also have a space to write my goals for the month. This is a good way to see everything you need to do in the month in a concise and clear way. Here is an example of that:

3. Collections

The last thing they recommend is a daily log as well as "collections" which is whatever you want it to be really. This is anything you might write down really often in your daily log, or something you've always wanted a list of.

I have a mood tracker to help with my mental health, a food tracker to make sure I'm eating enough, a habit tracker to know when I'm consuming too much of something, a gratitude log to keep my spirits high and a sleep chart to make sure I'm getting enough beauty sleep, but the beauty of it is you can have whatever you want.

Perhaps, you love to read and want to write a list of books you want to read eventually, or maybe you're forgetful so you want to keep a log of your family and friends birthdays and anniversaries.

4. Completely Customizable

The best part about bullet journals is they are completely customizable, all the way down to the color scheme. A lot of people choose a specific for each month such as Halloween for October or Christmas for December. It doesn't matter how much artistic ability you have, because you can use as little or as much creativity in creating your pages as you would like.

For instance, my food tracker page is on a piece of pizza I drew. You can also put a key into your journal to keep track of your tasks you've completed, what you need to move over to next month and what you have yet to complete.

This is a cool way to keep track of things and kind of have a language no one knows, or you could color code things. The possibilities are really endless.

5. Don't Forget A Key!

Lastly, these are helpful if you have bad habits, or things you are trying to be more mindful about because by writing it down we are forced to deal with it. You can also keep track of how things correlate to one another. "On the days I sleep only 5-6 hours, do I mark my mood tracker worse?" or "In my habit tracker I tracked that I didn't take my medicine yet today, I better do that."

2019 New Bullet Journal/Planner Setup ✨Elegant✨ www.youtube.com

Happy Journalling!!