When you're in college, the bottom line is you're probably broke. Money goes to tuition, books, food and the small amount of spending money you have left over, you spend it on having a good time with your friends. Though, through the stressful years of university, you shouldn't have to compromise on how you take care of your skin. Don't worry, as a seasoned skincare junkie, I've pretty much come up with the best dupes for the super expensive skincare. So, if you want to have glowing skin and not absolutely break the bank, check out my foolproof list of cheap but great skin care products you need to know about!

1. Face masks from Freeman.


A pretty much spot on dupe for Glam Glow, you can find these guys in any Walgreens or Target, for less than 10 dollars. Plus they come with three times the amount of product as compared to its expensive counter part.

2. The Ordinary from The Abnormal Beauty Company.


A dupe for Sunday Riley Luna Sleeping Night Oil. You can order this oil from their website for $6.70 as compared to the Sunday Riley price of $105... It's literally the same thing and you get the same exact amount of product with the dupe. Also, they offer different levels of intensity for your skin types!

3. Face Scrubs from St. Ives.


A dupe for the Fresh Sugar Face Polish, $62.00 St. Ives Nourished and Smooth Oatmeal Scrub and Mask, $3.09, available at Target

4. Micellar Water from Simple.


A dupe for any expensive oil cleanser, to be honest, you seriously can not go wrong with this magic makeup removing water. Priced at $5.39 at Target, it's literally a STEAL. ( I don't actually recommend stealing it though.)

5. Anti Wrinkle Cream from Ponds.


By far the best dupe on this list, its the dupe for La Mer Creme De La Mer. Save yourself $100 and go to target and grab the ponds cream. It's literally the EXACT same thing, just not as cute packaging but I think we can compromise our bathroom aesthetic for some great moisturizer.

Remember, saving your skin doesn't need to break the bank ladies. So, now run don't walk to your local Target and stock up on these amazing products. Your skin and wallet will thank you.