If you haven't heard of the Bucket List Family I highly encourage you to look them up on YouTube and experience one of their amazing adventures.

Now personally I watch their video and think, "Man to travel the world or even the country would be so cool. But to sell ALL MY STUFF? No, I'm out."

I wouldn't quite say that I'm "addicted" to stuff. I mean I'm a recent grad and I have very little things of any value. Maybe $4 at a yard sale if I'm lucky. But in my mind, I think that the things that I have sentimental value. There's a story or a memory. Or maybe these things and decorations are from college and they are linking me back there. There's no harm to these things except for one thing, they can easily dictate what and where I go next.

I had this thought that when the time comes I will most likely move out of these houses that I have come to call home and decorate perfectly to my liking, I don't want to move somewhere else that might not have "space".

Yeah ok, selfish thinking but I'm being honest here. And maybe if you're being honest with yourself, you're not excited thinking about the idea of getting rid of something in your home that could actually give you the ability to experience the world.

The Bucket List Family (Garrett, Jessica, Dorothy, Manilla, Callihan) Sold everything they owned in order to give something to their family that will grow them in a way that nothing else could. Garrett and Jessica began their adventure just before their second child Manilla turned-year-old.

Ok that in itself is crazy! traveling with a toddler can be hard and traveling with a baby to a new area of the world not knowing what to expect on your own as a family of four...What!?

But as you watch their videos and go on this journey with them you feel inspired by how they vulnerable they are with their videos and transparent and above all love on their family. Each experience brought all of them out of their comfort zones. And the kids got to learn a lot about the culture and just being kind to all people. They learned so much about love and kindness. More than a large number of adults can say they experienced.

And then the third baby, Chalihan, came along and maybe not even a week after her birth the family was back on the road and to their new adventure.

What we can learn from this family includes, finding pride in our experiences rather than our things. Show kindness to all people and cultures. Be open to learning. There is strength in getting out of our comfort zones no matter how great the distance. Be kind to our world. When it begins to feel like the chaos is beginning to suffocate you, take a breath and look for the beauty and blessings in the small things.