BTS' 'Love Yourself: Answer' Is The Answer To The BTS #ARMY's Prayers
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13 Reasons BTS' 'Love Yourself: Answer' Is The Answer To The BTS #ARMY's Prayers

"I know what I am. I know what I want. I never gon' change."

13 Reasons BTS' 'Love Yourself: Answer' Is The Answer To The BTS #ARMY's Prayers

BTS released their album, "Love Yourself: Answer" on August 24th. The album is a compilation album meaning that the majority of the songs come from the previous two albums, "Love Yourself: Her" and "Love Yourself: Tear." However, the album also boasts seven new tracks. On the same day, the music video for the lead single "IDOL" featuring stunning and colorful visuals, as well as, some of the best (and hardest) BTS has offered thus far. BTS' fans (called ARMY) immediately jumped in to support the band and ended up breaking the record for most views for a music video debut in the first 24 hours previously held by Taylor Swift.

"Love Yourself: Answer" is the final album in the "Love Yourself" series. The series is a story the band has been telling since last year when they released "Love Yourself: Her." With the finale, ARMY awaits what BTS will debut next.

This comeback and album, however, delivered many things on ARMY's wish lists and anticipations. Here are a few:

1. Jungkook's Dyed Hair. 

Youngest member and lead vocalist, Jungkook, was known for being fairly reserved with his hair color. Normally, sticking with natural shades of brown or black. However, in June, at a concert, he debuted bright red hair to the shock of ARMY. Throughout the summer, Jungkook has been seen with various other colors including blond, orange, and purple. However, in the IDOL video, it appears to be pink, while in concept photos it was purple. Whether these other colors were simply to throw ARMY off, or if they actually held other importance, only time will tell. However, the drastic color change certainly symbolizes a shift in his character within the "Love Yourself" series.

It might seem odd for ARMY to be so excited and shocked by a simple hair color change when unnatural colors are common today, especially in the music industry. However, for BTS, their hair colors are a way to set a tone for their music videos, eras, and storyline. For example, the last album "Love Yourself: Tear" set a dark tone resulting in each member having black hair.

2. "Epiphany."

Based on lyrics from "Outro: Her" on "Love Yourself: Her" (stylized simply as "Her" on "Love Yourself: Answer"), ARMY correctly predicted that the final intro/ trailer song would be called "Epiphany" and performed by eldest member and vocalist, Jin. On August 6, the "Epiphany" music video officially dropped. The video features a retro style and stunning vocals and visuals. It also serves as a turning point for Jin's character in the "Love Yourself" series. The song itself is beautiful and worth a listen.

3. Choreography That Features All Members. 

In previous music videos, only the lead dancers of the group would lead choreography or have notable individual parts. Sometimes it would even be filmed strategically to hide certain members (looking at you "Dope") Throughout the "Love Yourself" era, this has gotten better with all the members having a major part in the choreography. However, in the "IDOL" choreography each member has their time to shine and leads the choreography at one point.

ARMY was glad to see the often underappreciated and underrated members of the group get their time show off their dance talents as well.

4. Nicki Minaj Collaboration. 

Two hours before "Love Yourself: Answer" and the "IDOL" music video dropped, BTS announced that the digital version of the album would contain an alternate version of "IDOL" featuring Nicki Minaj. The collaboration with the rapper came as a welcome surprise to ARMY. BTS is no stranger to collaboration having previously collaborated with The Chainsmokers, Steve Aoki, and Desiigner among others. Having recently teased collaborations with Zedd and Shawn Mendes, this collaboration came as a surprise, but one that ARMY welcomed and hyped.

5. Solo Songs. 

Each member features on their own solo song on "Love Yourself: Answer." This was done once before on their "Wings" album allowing each member to show off their individual styles. This time, however, the four vocalists songs were the intros or trailers (although one version is extended from the original): "Serendipity (Full Length Edition)" (Jimin), "Euphoria" (Jungkook), "Singularity" (V), and "Epiphany" (Jin). The rappers show their own prowess on their set of solos: "Trivia: Just Dance" (j-hope), "Trivia: Love" (RM), and "Trivia: Seesaw" (Suga). Each solo shows off each members style and talents, which can often get shadowed in a seven-member group. It's safe to say, fans of each member were excited to have another round of solo songs to add to their collection.

6. Korean Culture Influences. 

Two days before the release of the album, BTS dropped the teaser for the "IDOL" music video featuring the members wearing traditional Korean clothing and music made entirely from Korean instruments. "IDOL" continues these influences with the traditional clothing being an important part of the music video and many Korean music influences present in the song itself.

I am not the right person to break down these influences, but I'm sure in the coming weeks, many qualified people will break down the influences and what exactly they mean. Until then, ARMY is happy to see Korean culture influencing BTS' work and hopes that it can help bridge Western and Eastern cultures.

7. Breaking Records. 

As I mentioned above, the "IDOL" music video already broke a record previously held by Taylor Swift. Before that though, they broke their own pre-order record with "Love Yourself: Answer" securing 1.5 million Korean pre-orders. BTS has broken many records before with their previous albums, but as the "IDOL" music video edges closer to 100M views in just four days (at the time of writing it had over 96M), it looks like "Love Yourself: Answer" may break the most records yet.

8. A Bop With a Positive Message. 

"IDOL" is technically a diss song calling out the critics and haters of the band who have criticized them for various frivolous reasons. However, the song never talks negatively of anyone or outright disses anyone. It simply spreads the message that no matter what anyone says or thinks about them that "...can't stop me loving myself." Learning to love yourself and not let the words or thoughts influence how you feel about yourself is an extremely positive message to spread to their mostly young female audience. And a message that ARMY appreciates and intends to spread.

9. "Euphoria."

Jungkook's solo song, "Euphoria" was teased as a promotion for "Love Yourself: Tear." A nearly nine-minute short film using the song " 'Euphoria: Theme of Love Yourself: Wonder' " was released on April 5th, deepening the storyline of the "Love Yourself" series. Most ARMY expected the song to be on "Love Yourself: Tear," however, when "Singularity" was released the next month, it was proven not to be. The final version has been long awaited by ARMY and the final version surprises by rearranging the song slightly and adding in a high note towards the end. The song is honestly one of my favorites from the album and definitely worth a watch or listen.

10. Social Commentary. 

BTS is no stranger to socially conscious songs having written and performed many throughout their career. However, "Love Yourself: Answer" highly criticizes Western views of BTS, as well as, it mostly uses general neutral pronouns. This small detail speaks loudly to their LGBT+ fans and criticizes their own problematic lyrics in the past. BTS willingness to learn and change is something that will keep them relevant, but also, something that means the world to ARMY.

11. Examines and Defies Toxic Relationships. 

"Love Yourself: Tear" was focused on a break-up and bad relationships. "Love Yourself: Answer" is where the protagonist of the story realizes that they need to love themselves in order to get past it and that they are ultimately the most important person in their own lives. Suga's solo song, "Trivia: Seesaw" also identifies a toxic relationship that both parties identify but neither is willing to leave for fear of hurting the other. These songs are not only real and heartbreaking but important, in identifying toxic relationships and knowing that you shouldn't have to give up yourself in order to love someone else.

For their fanbase, who are often just beginning to date or actively dating--this resonates with them as they go through break-ups and experience bad relationships for themselves.

12. "Save Me" "I'm Fine."

Throughout the "Love Yourself" era, an important visual has been the words "Save Me" that when flipped upside down read "I'm Fine." BTS previously released a song called "Save Me" from the album, "The Most Beautiful Moment in Life: Young Forever." The music video was released on May 15th, 2016 and the video and song quickly became an ARMY favorite for it's EDM influences and basically its a bop. "Love Yourself: Answer" contains a track titled "I'm Fine" that starts with the same, recognizable notes as "Save Me."

When the album was released and ARMY realized this, it basically caused the entire fandom to burst into tears simultaneously. It bridges the two eras and shows an evolution of the storyline and characters.

13. Disney/ Childhood References. 

When BTS released the concept photos for the "Love Yourself: Answer" comeback earlier in August, the 'F' version features the members posing on monkey bars and other playground equipment, hinting at themes of childhood and youth being important to "Love Yourself: Answer." The "IDOL" music video features members wearing sweaters that reference Bugs Bunny and Snow White (in fact, Suga's Snow White sweater has been making headlines). These are tiny details, but deliver on the promised childhood theme. Youth and childhood are not foreign themes for BTS, but we'll probably have to wait until the next comeback to see where the themes are taken from here.

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