10 Reasons to visit your college's writing center
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10 Reasons Why You Should Visit The Boise State Writing Center

Take advantage of this invaluable resource now!

Writing Center mural

Regardless of whether you're a freshman or a college graduate at Boise State University, you should seriously consider paying a visit to your university Writing Center. The services available to you in the center go far beyond basic proofreading and routine grammar checks. In the center, you will learn to further develop your skills and your individual style as a writer. There to guide you through it all is a team of your college peers, trained in a multitude of techniques in tutoring writing. With their help and guidance, you'll learn to view and expand your writing through new perspectives. If you're not quite convinced, consider these ten points.

1. Consulting services are complimentary to students

Dollar bills

Tuition covers more than just classes. It makes resources like the Writing Center and the Zone readily available to students. All you need is a registered account with the center and your good to go. To create this account, visit the center's login page on your myboisestate account or stop by the Writing Center where consultants can assist you.

2. It's a convenient resource

Journal with pen

What better place for the Writing Center location than the Liberal Arts building. Many of you who have completed your English 101 and 102 requirements are well acquainted with this building- conveniently located across the way from the Library. In tandem with its easily accessible location, the Writing Center's operating hours are both consistent and flexible- making it easy for you to fit an appointment into your busy schedule.

3. Grades are not the main focus

Letter Grade

As a separate entity within the English department, the Writing Center deviates from the conventional methods of instruction used in a classroom. Rather than assigning letter grades or points to a student's writing, consultants focus on the content itself. In doing so, consultants are able to better understand and address the individual writer's concerns, intentions, goals, and aspirations regarding their writing.

4. Free candy


If you need a source of motivation to get you on your feet and into the Writing Center, look no further than the free candy bowl. You'll see it right as you walk in the door. Don't be shy, you earned it. Treat yourself with an assortment of sweets ranging from mini snickers to Laffy Taffy.

5. Freshly brewed coffee

Coffee counter in BSU Writing Center

It's common knowledge in college that caffeine is a "major key" to success. Therefore, it should be no surprise that the Writing Center keeps a fresh pot on standby for incoming visitors.

6. The welcoming environment

Writing Center lounge

If the free candy and coffee weren't any indication of the Writing Center's hospitality, then consider the people who work there. Not only are the consultants knowledgeable and well trained in the practice of tutoring writing, but they are also genuinely kind and supportive people. As such, they will do everything in their power to make sure that you feel comfortable and welcomed in the space.

7. Individualized sessions

Two people typing on laptops

With an entire class to look after, it's tough for teachers to find the time to work individually with each student. So, if you're looking for one-on-one guidance, the Writing Center is the place to be. In your session, you'll work individually with one of the consultants for 30 minutes to an hour- however long you think you need. And, you get to choose the consultant you work with. To find the best consultant for you, review the consultant directory before scheduling your appointment.

8. Inclusivity is a priority

"US" mural

No matter who you are or where you come from, you are welcomed in the Writing Center.

9. Learn more about writing

Library bookshelf

In the Writing Center, you can easily access a number of resources including: manuals on MLA and APA formatting, booklets describing proper grammar, and handouts that tackle a variety of subjects relating to writing. These resources, in tandem with help from consultants, can help you learn more about the practice of writing.

10. Extra credit 

Arcade game

Some professors offer you extra credit if you schedule a consultation in the Writing Center. Just keep in mind that you are expected to participate in the process of revising your writing.

If you're interested in paying a visit to the Boise State Writing Center, you can find it in the Liberal Arts Building in Room 200.

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