Why Do Women Go On The Pill?
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Birth Control Isn't ONLY About Preventing Pregnancy

... though not getting pregnant is definitely a perk.

Birth Control Isn't ONLY About Preventing Pregnancy

I was surprised, as always, to find out that some people in the world still do not understand the benefits that birth control can provide for a woman that don't include simply avoiding pregnancy.

That's right world: birth control isn't only about preventing pregnancy, though not getting pregnant is definitely a perk.

For all those people out there who think birth control is immoral or shouldn't be easily accessible, I'm here to tell you that for some women, birth control is a life-saving prescription that can provide wonderful advantages that have nothing to do with pregnancy or sex.

There are plenty of health benefits associated with the use of birth control. One of the obvious reasons to start birth control is to deal with PMS, cramps, and heavy bleeding. Many women use the pill to make menstruation more manageable in every day life.

The pill can help with simple things such as getting rid of acne, but it can also help with more serious issues. This includes managing endometriosis and reducing the risk of female reproductive system infections, cysts, and cancers.

Yes, birth control is often used as a way to prevent pregnancies, but that's a great thing too. Plus, that's not always the reason women choose to go on the pill, so maybe it's time to realize that birth control should be available at no cost for all women. Every woman should have the right to reproductive health care. Maybe a name change for "birth control" would help people realize that?

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