12 Truths To 'Better Support' Your 'Birkenstocks Are Better Than Chacos' Argument
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12 Truths To 'Better Support' Your 'Birkenstocks Are Better Than Chacos' Argument

The controversial debate comes to a close, Birks are simply better.

12 Truths To 'Better Support' Your 'Birkenstocks Are Better Than Chacos' Argument

We all know this is currently one of the world's biggest debates:

Birkenstocks vs. Chacos.

We all know deep down the Birks are clearly superior, but just in case you don't believe so, here's a couple of reasons why:

1. They're the "OG"

These shoes have been around since 1774 so they are tried and true!

2. The versatile

Dressing up? Birks. Going casual? Birks. Walking around campus? Birks.

3. They're comfortable

They are made to mold to your specific feet, making them so comfy!

4. They're environmentally friendly

They are made with materials that do not harm the environment, how cool!

5. They can be found just about anywhere

Any department store, they're bound to have birks! Chaco's are a little harder to come by.

6. They're durable and last forever

These shoes could last a lifetime I swear.

7. They're classier

They tend to come in more neutral colors and just have a cleaner look so you can wear them with a dress, no problem!

8. They're commonly worn so you rarely get judge for wearing them

Chaco's are very controversial. While wearing them on campus you're bound to encounter judgmental stares and looks of disapproval.

9. You can wear socks with them- if you really wanted to

Hey no judgment here!

10. There's several different kinds and colors

They have recently come out with so many new colors and styles of birks and they're all so cute!

11. You can wear them with a dressy outfit

If you were seen wearing Chaco's with a nice dress, you would definitely encounter some judgment, but not with Birks!

12. Your tan lines will look slightly less ridiculous

We all know that people with Chaco's purposefully keep they're shoes on in hopes of getting that "Chaco" tan line. Why that's a thing? I'll never understand, but that's not something you have to worry about with Birks.

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