17 Of The Best Marchers And Their Incredible Signs From The March For Our Lives
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17 Of The Best Marchers And Their Incredible Signs From The March For Our Lives

Alexa, fix our country.

17 Of The Best Marchers And Their Incredible Signs From The March For Our Lives

On Saturday, March 24, 2018, the March for Our Lives sent strong messages to the Capitol. Students, parents, teachers and community members lined the streets of Washington D.C., New York City, Boston, Los Angeles, Denver and hundreds of other cities and towns to protest the lack of gun laws in America.

Not only did marches happen in America, but citizens of London, Sydney, Berlin and other major global cities took to the streets with signs in support of the American children leading the way.

The many different marches included many different signs, and here are some of the highlights.

1. This grandma who knows what's up.

This woman brings some laughter to the intense subject. Not only does this sign make her audience smile, but its truth might make some gun-owners think twice about their murderous possessions.

2. This woman who just pointed out the obvious.

Not to generalize all Republicans, but most people on the right do not believe a woman should be allowed to have an abortion, claiming that they are pro-life. These individuals believe that having an abortion murder the child inside the womb. However, most of those same people also believe that stricter gun laws are not necessary, despite the hundreds of children who have been violently murdered due to gun violence. Do these people realize they're contradicting themselves?

3. And on that note, this girl who also beat Republicans at their own game.

4. These girls who are changing the world one march at a time.

Sorry politicians, but maybe if you did your job, we wouldn't have to bother you.

5. This owner of this sign who couldn't be more correct.

As a female, I can't wear short shorts, but I can get shot. It's absolutely ridiculous how scrutinized girls' outfits are each day. However, it's even more ridiculous that administrators are more concerned about a young woman's choice of clothing than they are with her safety. Instead of measuring the length of a female student's dress, maybe do something to make sure she won't be shot on her way to change.

6. Even this doggo supported the march, and with the cutest sign too.

Imagine how sad this woofer would be if his loving owner didn't return home from school one day.

7. This sign that explains the drive of our generation.

We're not giving up.

8. This young man who rhymes the truth.

Obama brought us hope, Trump is a dope, and guns? Just nope.

9. This adorable young lady who is ready for her ballot.

This little girl is one of many children who marched with signs about their future voting rights. As soon as the kids of this forceful generation turn 18, NRA-supported congressmen will seem like a distant memory. No longer will there be senators bought by the NRA, who vote for laws that put children in danger.

10. This sweet little girl who just wants to spread kindness.

How can you disagree with this cutie? She just wants to prove that hugs are better than guns.

11. This mathematician who knows just how illogical the idea of arming teachers is.

We didn't solve drunk driving with more alcohol, so how would we solve gun violence with more guns? There is simply no logic behind adding weapons to environments that are supposed to be kid-friendly. Oh, and we already know this doesn't work since a teacher accidentally shot his student while giving a safety lesson in California. This teacher was trained, yet he accidentally injured a student with a bullet. Why would we create more spaces for senseless and accidental violence to take place?

12. This woman who's just trying to get everyone to have a good time.

Tequila shots > bullets. No debate necessary.

13. This man who just wants to share the joy of smoothies.

The fruity drink that brings delight to all.

14. This person who shot down anyone who says they need a machine gun to go hunting.

Sorry, you love an activity that you're really bad at.

15. This kiddo who speaks the truth.

16. This individual who knows that Republican candidates are going to have a hard time running.

17. This girl who knows that guns aren't manly

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