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The 9 Best Places To Nap On Grounds At UVA

Some choice napping spots on Grounds are almost as comfortable as my bed at home.

The 9 Best Places To Nap On Grounds At UVA

One of my favorite freedoms of college is the freedom to nap wherever and whenever you want, for whatever reason you want. I'm not a huge napper, but I find that sometimes if I've been up super late the night before doing work and I have a reasonable break in my schedule the next day, I usually succumb to a quick nap. I haven't quite nailed down the ideal length of a nap to take since I usually stretch them out past the time I set on my phone and wake up groggy and confused. Still, I've taken enough naps on Grounds in my 3+ years here to have scoped out a few choice nap spots on Grounds that are almost as comfy as my bed at home.

1. The armchairs on the lower level of the Music Library

Elizabeth Muratore

I put these first on the list for a reason, because they're just so dang comfortable. I go down here if I have a headache or some other ailment and just need to curl up in silence for a little bit, but also need to be no more than 100 feet away from the Comm School in case I'm summoned.

2. The Asian Studies room in Alderman Library

I used to be a big proponent of studying in the McGregor Room in Alderman, but I find now that it's a little too dark for my liking when it comes to a study spot. The Asian Studies room right next door, though, is a brightly-lit, excellent study spot with many VERY comfortable armchairs. These are great for napping, and also for cranking through 100 pages of reading for your English class that you're doing to procrastinate on the rest of your work.

3. Stretched out on a blanket on the Lawn

This really only works in beautiful, nice weather, but I find there's practically no place on Grounds I feel more at peace than lying on the Lawn. Surrounding myself with the beauty of the Rotunda and the Lawn is a great way to keep my thoughts balanced and make sure that I remember to take a deep breath every once in a while. As a busy college student, I find I sometimes forget to just stop and enjoy a beautiful day outside, and lying on the Lawn is a great place to do that.

4. The pods in the Music Library that are "made" for "listening to music" in a "soundproof setting"

Elizabeth Muratore

After many a time when I sat far away from these "soundproof" pods and definitely heard whatever music the person in there was playing, I'm skeptical that these pods are actually soundproof. However, they are extremely cushiony and soft, and maybe by convincing your peers that they're soundproof, you can guarantee that no one will bother you while you're in there listening to your "history of Jazz" homework 10 minutes before class starts.

5. In the booths on Clem 4

I'm always puzzled by the design of Clem 4 whenever I look at these booths. They look like they belong in a restaurant more than in a library, and whenever I sit in one I half expect someone to come by and take my order. Still, if you can manage to snag one of these often-crowded booths, you have a perfect spot to start doing work and, eventually, slowly lie down for a snooze-filled "study break."

6. The couches right outside Newcomb Theater

I've written before about the comfy couches on the 3rd floor of Newcomb, but the only problem is that there's often a loud event going on in Newcomb Ballroom right when I'm trying to snooze. Luckily for prospective nappers, it's almost always quiet on the lower level of Newcomb, and the couches there are often occupied by either nappers or people anxiously waiting for a UPC Presents: September Movies screening.

7. In Scott Stadium after halftime, because it's nearly empty

I've always marveled at how many UVA students instinctively leave every football game at halftime, even if we're winning. This means that, for those who stay the entire game, the second half usually has less raucous cheering than the first half. If we're losing in the second half of a sloppy game, you can bet that the student section will be pretty quiet, so why not curl up on that blanket you brought to sit on the Hill with? Just don't accidentally roll past the field goal posts in your sleep after the game, or you might get charged with "unintentionally rushing the field."

8. In Klockner Stadium after they give away the free scarves and pizza at halftime

Though I love supporting our student-athletes, I'll be honest and say that I have attended soccer games in the past specifically to get Sabre points, free pizza, or cool swag. The free pizza in particular is a great perk of going to soccer games, since stadium food is expensive and the games are often right during my usual meal times. Though I included this here, going to soccer games is actually really fun and totally worth doing even besides the perks. However, I sort of hope they'll one day progress to giving away entire free outfits at soccer games, like a Hoo Crew shirt complete with UVA pajama pants, UVA socks, a free hat, and that coveted UVA scarf.

9. Any of the UTS busses

We've all been there: it's late at night, you're on your way home from the libraries, and you're just about ready to pass out right there on the bus before you even make it home to your bed. Luckily the extremely loud "ping!" of someone else requesting a stop is probably enough to wake you up, but if not, take comfort in the fact that you can just ride the bus however long you want and no one will force you to get off. That is, until the bus goes out of service and you are, definitely, out of luck.

I don't necessarily advocate taking tons of naps in College, since you might miss something important and naps often make me more tired than I was before. Still, a nap can be a great way to tune out from your busy, hectic world for a moment and reside only with your train of thoughts. It's always comforting to know that practically wherever you are on Grounds, you're not far from a suitable napping spot.

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