Oscar 'Best Picture' Nominees, Ranked From Least Likely To Most Likely To Win

Oscar 'Best Picture' Nominees, Ranked From Least Likely To Most Likely To Win

It's time to place your bets, folks.


Oscar season is upon us, and this year we have eight movies nominated for Best Picture. The Academy is notoriously predictable when selecting the winners for this category, and this year will probably be no different.

While this list does not reflect what I hope will happen, I can say with relative certainty this is what I expect will happen.

8. Bohemian Rhapsody

I'm honestly surprised this one even got nominated if I am going to be completely honest. While this movie was insanely popular with audiences, it was not as much so with critics. While I do believe that the nomination for Best Actor for Rami Malek is well deserved, that's about all the praise I can give this movie. I don't have much to say except it's not good. I was truly shocked to see it win at the Golden Globes, and while that would normally indicate a chance of it winning an Oscar as well, in no way do I ever see The Academy awarding this movie as Best Picture.

7. Vice

Too political. This movie detailing Dick Cheney's time in office is way too political for The Academy to recognize. Also, another thing this movie has going against it is that it's just not good. The tone is off-kilter and didn't resonate well with audiences or critics. Again, the only thing this movie has going for it is Christian Bale's performance as Dick Cheney. At some moments in this movie, I thought I was watching the actual Dick Cheney on screen. That's about all the praise I can give for this movie.

6. Black Panther

The only reason this movie is on the list is because The Academy didn't want to face more death threats. While this movie broke records and is adored by almost all, The Academy has no time for it. I mean, they were considering making a whole new category for Most Popular Film just to avoid nominating it for Best Picture.

"Black Panther" is the first superhero movie ever to be nominated for Best Picture (while some may argue this honor should have been given to "The Dark Knight" in 2009), but that's where the recognition from The Academy ends. In hindsight, this doesn't really matter. This movie will at least have longevity, as it is the most culturally relevant film of 2018.

5. BlacKkKlansman

I adored this movie, which means there is no chance of it winning. This movie was poignant in its portrayal of race relations in the '70s and highlighting how little has changed between then and now. But yet again, this means that this movie's meaning is too political for The Academy to recognize it outside of a nomination. I will still hope that come February 24, I will be proven wrong.

4. The Favourite

Another movie that I adored, which in turn lessens its chance for winning. (Nothing I ever want to win actually wins, it's a fact). This movie also tied with "Roma" with for the most nominations (10), which means it has room to win in other categories. This quirky film is just not something The Academy is known for recognizing, but I am glad it was nominated nonetheless.

3. Green Book

While like "BlacKkKlansman," this movie deals with race relations, it does so in a much more light-mannered way with little enlightenment on how dangerous living in America as a black person can be. Which means The Academy will probably eat it up.

The Academy lately has been all about recognizing movies dealing with pressing issues, but only if they are presented on a silver platter. And that is exactly what 'Green Book" does. It also scooped up some Golden Globe wins, which increases its chances even more.

2. A Star Is Born

Before the nominations were announced, I was sure this movie was a shoo-in to win Best Picture. However, now I have some doubts. While this movie received eight nominations, it was snubbed for Best Director and Best Editing. Which means if this film wins, "A Star Is Born" will be the first ever Best Picture winner to win without being nominated for Best Director and Best Editing as well. This was one of the rare movies that was loved by both audiences and critics as well, so maybe it stands a chance.

1. Roma

This movie is winning Best Picture. I am completely confident. Ever since its release, "Roma" has gotten rave reviews and has been a clear frontrunner to win in this category. Everyone expects it to win, therefore it will. The Oscars rarely ever surprise us by picking anything other than the most obvious film to win, and I don't think they plan on making an exception this year.

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