Call It Magic: Best of Coldplay
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Call It Magic: Best Of Coldplay

This year, the band celebrates 20 years of working together, during which they've produced 7 albums and some extremely fine music. Thus, I'd like to recount my personal top 7 songs by Coldplay.

Call It Magic: Best Of Coldplay

Cathartic, euphoric, and poignant - three words to describe music by the popular pop/rock band Coldplay. The British band has become a mainstay in the music industry over the past few decades, producing iconic hits, as well as underrated gems. Over the years, however, they have also received criticism for being too over the top, and sounding "too similar in every single song", amongst other traits disliked. Perhaps it's due to lead vocalist Chris Martin's easily recognizable voice, or maybe due to the elaborate musical overtures in their songs. This provides a distinct, discernible quality to their songs.

This year, the band celebrates 20 years of working together, during which they've produced 7 albums and some extremely fine music. Thus, I'd like to recount my personal top 7 songs by Coldplay, including a mix of classics, as well as some underappreciated works:

'Yes' - Viva La Vida Or Death And All His Friends

'Yes' is unique in its tone and music, as compared to some of Coldplay's works. Chris Martin sings this one in a heavy, low voice, which makes it a more mellow song. The lyrics suggest this song is about love and temptation, and the music reflects this through subtle, seductive undertones. However, when combined together, they create a powerful impact, leaving the audience with the sensation of a heavy, repressed heart.

'Adventure Of A Lifetime' - A Head Full Of Dreams

In stark contrast to the previous choice, 'Adventure Of A Lifetime' is, as the name suggests, a more upbeat and cheerful tune. It begins with extremely fast music, lifting up your spirits instantly. The song has a very rhythmic feel to it, and you can't help but whistle along or tap your feet to the beat of the song. The motto of this song is "Alive Again", literally asking the audience to give in to the hype and sing along. Coldplay moves away from their generally mellow songs to create an energetic tune.

'Hurts Like Heaven' - Mylo Xyloto

Similar to "Adventure Of A Lifetime," "Hurts Like Heaven" is also a highly fast paced song. However, a lot of repetition in the chorus and simple lyrics and tune make it a more dance-able song. If you're looking for something to get people moving and singing along, this is it. This song provides a certain rush

'The Scientist' - A Rush Of Blood To The Head

Wow, where to begin with this. One of the most iconic Coldplay songs of all time. It begins with a slow piano playing, which is soon complemented by Chris Martin's calm and soothing voice. The song maintains its slow tune throughout, however, the music is simply mesmerizing. Just close your eyes and let yourself be absorbed by the sheer beauty and serenity of this song. And while you're at it, pay attention to the lyrics, as they are some of the most touching and heartfelt words ever put to song.

'O (Fly On)' - Ghost Stories

An amalgamation of two songs, this track begins with a beautiful piano ballad, with some inspirational lyrics about never giving up on your dreams. The song serves to relax the listener, so the next time you're feeling stressed, you know what to play to get your mind off things. It sends with an exquisite choir chanting, that give the track a surreal, divine feel.

'Cemeteries Of London' - Viva La Vida Or Death And All His Friends

This track takes a slightly darker, more melancholic approach. Though it begins with slow, sombre music, it quickly picks up the pace and gives way to loud drums and bombastic music. Quite literally, the song is paints a picture of a dull, forlorn city of London in the 1800s, with a sombre tone that continues throughout. Overall, the track just has an epic feel to it, and seems fit to be played in the background of a war scene during a movie. Perfect to get you energized, but also has an oddly calming effect.

'Viva La Vida' - Viva La Vida Or Death And All His Friends

The title song of my personal favourite album. While I was tempted to include 'Death And All His Friends' in this list as well (which is a phenomenal song, by the way), it has a similar feel to the last song.

'Viva La Vida' literally translates to "Long Live Life". It begins with some bombastic, orchestra music and runs with it through the entire duration of the song. The track narrates the tale of a former king, who loses his kingdom and goes through immense suffering. Despite its grandiose instrumentals, this song is one about pain and dealing with great loss. The orchestra swells makes it quite empowering and an overall monumental song.

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