The Best Lesson Any Awesome Nerd Will Ever Learn
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The Best Lesson Any Awesome Nerd Will Ever Learn

There's so much more to college than painstaking grades and shiny degrees.

The Best Lesson Any Awesome Nerd Will Ever Learn

Hello you awesome nerd,

Arthur Ashe once said, "Success is a journey, not a destination. The doing is often more important than the outcome."

Sometimes, our generation gets so caught up in the next step. Instead of appreciating the journey of seeking, obtaining and expanding our knowledge, we rely almost too heavily on the destination (the degree).

We all work really hard to obtain our current grade-point averages. This in and of itself is a huge academic commitment alongside working part-time jobs and volunteering. Throughout this entire undergraduate experience, we make sure we remain open to all opportunities and tasks that would enable our sound academic comprehension and understanding.

Whenever we don't fully grasp the complexities of a concept, we reach out to professors. When a paper is due, we schedule when to complete it and always leave ourselves enough time to review it.

If we are going to be somewhere on behalf of the university, we are there. Whenever a professor needs us, we make ourselves available. Those moments where we just want to give up, we push through with tenacity and character. We continually thank our professors for their help and we always remember to appreciate their awesome guidance.

The actions above are typical for almost all of today's undergraduate scholars who want nothing more than to be their best selves. All of those actions are truly great and we are truly blessed in having the ability to pursue them.

However, the academic journey along the way to graduation has lost its remarkable eminence. Believe it or not, it isn't always about the grade-academic excellence has many dimensions.

Academic success means respecting our university’s mission and never forgetting the universal values so beautifully entrusted upon us. Although it is important to hand in an assignment, it is as equally important to appreciate the journey of the research, the writing and the editing the assignment encompassed.

Doing well on a test is mostly essential, but reflecting upon all that you have learned throughout the studying process ascends its own regard. Being a senior, my next step is obviously approaching soon no matter where my focus lies. On the other hand, I truly believe a commitment to academic excellence represents not only grade-point average or a degree, but also, enjoying the extraordinary undergraduate expedition along the way!

For a fellow awesome nerd once said, "We are often so caught up in our destination that we forget to appreciate the journey. Appreciation is a wonderful feeling too- don't overlook it."

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