15 Best Places To Eat Off-Campus At Penn State This Fall
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15 Best Places To Eat Off-Campus At Penn State This Fall

State College pretty much only consists of places to eat and places to sleep...

15 Best Places To Eat Off-Campus At Penn State This Fall

If you're a Penn State student, you know how overwhelming it can be when someone says "let's go get food." There is an endless number of different restaurants, chains, and quick bites downtown.

Here's a go-to list of the best 15 places to grab food and hang out when you're feeling indecisive (in no particular order):

1. Tadashi 

This is my all-time fav (not to mention they just opened up a new location to meet the demand)! If you're looking for amazing sushi, this is your place. It's BYOB too—what could be better?

Recommendations: Tadashi Salad, Vegetable Ramen, Yellowtail Scallion Roll, Spicy Tuna Roll, Dragon Roll

2. Fiddlehead

Talk about a salad that will last for at least three meals...Fiddlehead salads seem bottomless, and they're SO good. You can choose from their salad list or build your own!

Dressing Recommendations: lemon poppyseed, spicy sriracha vinaigrette, balsamic parmesan vinaigrette

3. The Waffle Shop

A true classic. You can't go wrong by grabbing a hangover breakfast with your friends here. Bring on the coffee and Belgian waffles, PLEASE!

FYI: the wait in line is worth it (promise).

4. Saint's Cafe

I love to grab a coffee and lil' bakery treat here on mornings when I don't have much going on. It gets crowded early, so rise and shine! Bring your backpack if you want to sip on a vanilla latte and get some school work done! The vibes are great here.

5. The Field 

This is the spot to go when your parents are in town...nothing better than a delicious and ~overpriced~ burger with parmesan truffle fries poured on the table. Oh yeah, don't forget to top it off with their insanely good milkshakes!

Pro tip: get the salted caramel shake and the pretzel appetizer.

6. Bistrozine

Bistrozine is new to downtown State College and the food is super quirky! It's definitely a hidden gem. If you're in the mood for a delicious and spunky meal, head on over. It's BYOB, so don't forget that bottle of wine.

Recommendation: get the coffee on the rocks after your meal!

7. Baby's Burgers and Shakes

Baby's is a cheap and awesome place to go with friends! Not to mention that the inside decor brings you back in time. If you're craving a well-priced burger with fries and a thick milkshake, Baby's is the spot to hit. It's great for groups.

Don't forget: you can use your LionCash!

8. Frutta Bowls

In the mood for something refreshing or just a pick-me-up meal that's made with whole foods? Frutta Bowls is the spot for you. They have everything from toast with fun toppings, to oatmeal, to smoothies and bowls.

9. Bagel Crust or Iriving's

Home of the breakfast sandwich after a long night out...you can't go wrong with heading to Bagel Crust or Iriving's on a weekend or before class. Not gonna lie, everybody has their go-to and the two joints definitely battle it out for the better breakfast sandwich.

Keep your eyes out for the new Bagel Crust location on Beaver Ave. this school year!

Insider tip: head to Bagel Crust after hours for a late-night bacon, egg, and cheese— you might regret it in the morning, but not in the moment.

10. Sower's Harvest Cafe

I lived super close to Sower's last school year, so I might be biased...but it's undeniably one of my favorite spots to grab a bite downtown. It's expensive, but the food is worth it and the staff is so kind and welcoming. Is it weird to say I just feel ~warm~ when I'm sipping on my latte every Sunday morning here? Sure hope not.

Recommendations: you can't go wrong with any omelet, and their hand-crafted espresso drinks are amazing. Look out for their seasonal specials, too!

11. Yallah Burrito/Taco

Yallah is an amazing option when you're craving an authentic burrito or some tacos! Their service is fast and the food is delicious.

Recommendation: the nachos are to die for, get them.

12. Sauly Boy's

The KING of burgers downtown and a must-try. Sauly Boy's is a great spot to go to with your friends before a fun night out (but make sure you have time to digest— their burgers are no joke).

Recommendations: The Mex Mix burger, the Shroom Boom burger, The Bella Melt, and ~loaded~ fries (if you're feeling up for it).

13. Federal Taphouse

Another spot to dine at when your parents come to visit! The Federal Taphouse has all the fancy, yummy options for special occasions and visitors.

Recommendation: get dessert here.

14. Primanti Bros

Whether you're part of the night crowd at "Pman's" or just going for a nice lunch, they have great food, drinks, and company! If you're looking for a fun time, this is the SPOT for you.

Pro tip: befriend the bouncers ASAP.

15. Cafe 210 West

A favorite amongst Penn State students for day drinking and spending time with friends, Cafe 210 West is known for their outdoor social scene after class and on the weekends. Get a group of friends together and head over for a pitcher and some good bites on a sunny day.

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