The Best Facebook Pages
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The Best Facebook Pages

(for procrastination purposes only)

The Best Facebook Pages

Dear Procrastinators,

Bored of scrolling through endless Facebook posts written by people you don't care about? Bored of pinning pretty pictures and reading boring articles? Looking for more things to look at online so you can procrastinate longer?

If the answer is yes, you're in luck!

Check out my roundup of the most entertaining Facebook pages. These will keep you entertained for hours!

For the Science lover:

1. "I fucking love science"

This page is pretty popular, so you may have already seen its posts floating around. "I fucking love science" has a good variety of interesting articles and blog posts about many new developments and discoveries in the science world. This is a good choice for anyone that doesn't necessarily have the most extensive knowledge about chemistry or biology, but still has an appreciation and interest in the science world.

2. "Science News Magazine"

Because this page is linked to an actual science magazine, it is a little bit more robust in terms of the quality and content of the science news it provides. A good choice if you want to read science articles with a bit more substance.

For the Art & Photography lovers:

1. "The Art of Wonderment"

This is probably one of my favorite pages on Facebook, it is full of both vintage and modern videos featuring the artists of today and of the past. It is truly wonderful!

2. "Humans of New York"

This project was started by photographer Brandon Stanton. "Humans of New York" was a project started a few years ago, in which Stanton would walk around New York photographing individuals, and then upload the photos to his Facebook page with a small quote or explanation. With the hundreds of photos he has uploaded to his page, it is easy to lose track of time perusing and reading through them all!

3. "DeviantArt"

This is the Facebook page for the successful website,, an online community for artists. The page highlights different artists, so you're sure to find someone's work you like!

For the Science and Art lover:

1. "Scientific Illustration for the Research Scientist"

Science and Art all on one page... what more could you want?

For the News lover:

1. "NPR"

...Who doesn't love a little public radio? This is like listening to the radio...except you can scroll through the actual articles and see what you like.

2. "The New York Times"

This Facebook page contains exactly what you think it does.

3. "PBS NewsHour"

And this is just further proof that I am an old woman. Who doesn't love a little PBS?

For the Food lover:

1. "The New York Times Food"

This is like reading only the most important section of the New York Times. There are great recipes and little article posts here almost every day!

2. "Tasty"

You know those cute little cooking instructional videos? Those videos are the kind of videos that "Tasty" posts.

3. "Serious Eats"

For serious eaters only (that's you!)

For the DIY lover:

1. "A Pair & A Spare"

This is one of my favorite blogs to read, and now it is in Facebook page form! This blogger posts great DIYs as well as OOTD (outfit of the day)!

For the Social Change lover:

1. "DoSomething.Org"

This is a fantastic Facebook page, in which various social causes and movements are posted daily. Come here to become more educated and aware about some of the most pressing social issues that we face, and how you can contribute to the solution.

Well, that's it, fellow procrastinators. This is my roundup of some of the best Facebook pages to get lost in. Of course, there are even more pages floating out there, such as National Geographic or REI for you fellow outdoor- lovers. Or, check out The Try Guys, Ellen DeGeneres, or The Late Late Show with James Corden (home of carpool karaoke!) if you want a good chuckle!

Happy Procrastinating!

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