The BEST Athens Restaurants
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The BEST Athens Restaurants

Here are some of the best Athens restaurants for whatever food you're in the mood for.

The BEST Athens Restaurants

Athens, Georgia has hundreds of unique restaurants located around the classic city. Here are some of my favorite restaurants that you should give a try!

Best Pizza: Starland Pizzeria and Pub

Location: 145 East Clayton Street

Honestly, I haven't tried many pizza places in Athens just because this one is SO good! They're pizza is amazing. They also offer a special where you can get a salad and slice of pizza for only $6! Starland also has a really fun atmosphere for gameday, so grab some friends and come here to watch the dawgs!

My favorite: prosciutto pizza

Best Mexican Food: Agua Linda Taqueria and Cali n Titos

Location: Agua Linda is located on 1376 Prince Avenue. Cali n Titos is located on 1427 South Lumpkin Street (cash only) and 1245 Cedar Shoals Drive (cash and card).

Athens has so many Mexican restaurants that I couldn't pick just one. Agua Linda is like your typical Mexican restaurant, but the food is amazing. Not only is the food really good, but it's also really cheap!

Cali n Titos is more of a Latin American restaurant rather than just Mexican. It has a very unique menu and a super cool atmosphere. It's another Athens staple so you definitely need to give it a try.

My Agua Linda favorites: salsas, queso, Mexican taco combo

My Cali n Tito favorites: chips and salsa, chips and queso, el rico tamal

Best Bar Food: Trapeze Pub

Location: 269 North Hull Street

Trapeze pub is a bar, but their menu is amazing. They are also known for their famous fries that come with their famous dipping sauces. If you're not feeling very hungry, they also offer cheese plates to go with their beer and wine.

My favorites: hummus appetizer, turkey and swiss sandwich, fries with blue cheese dipping sauce

Best Ice Cream: Four Fat Cows

Location: 723 Baxter Street

Because it's not located downtown, a lot of people don't know about this place. But you definitely need to make the time to check it out! They have a lot of really fun flavors. They also serve coffee here, so it could be a nice study spot.

My favorite: lemon olive oil ice cream

Best Chinese Food: Athens Wok

Location: 493 East Clayton Street

Usually, hole in the wall restaurants end up having the best food; this place does not disappoint! They offer a cheap lunch menu, and their dinner plates have so much food that it ends up being at least two meals.

My favorites: spring roll, hot and sour soup, Cashew chicken

Best American Food: South Kitchen and Bar

Location: 247 East Washington Street

This place is nicer, but it's still affordable. They offer really good southern meals. If you have a special occasion, or just feel like dressing up a little nicer, you should definitely try this place.

My favorites: cornbread with honey butter, the seasonal pasta

Best Fries: The Grill

Location: 171 College Avenue

This place is probably the most well-known restaurant in Athens, but I had to put it here because their feta fries are one of my favorite things in Athens. They're open 24 hours, so if you're feeling hungry at 3:00 am, this is your go-to place.

My favorites: feta fries and chocolate malt shake

Best Breakfast Food: The Place

Location: 229 East Broad Street

This is a small place on Broad Street, but their Sunday Brunch is so good. They offer a classic southern breakfast menu.

My favorites: stuffed French toast, gouda grits

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