11 Of The Best April Fools Jokes From 2018
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11 Of The Best April Fools Jokes From 2018

1. Dairyland's Sparkling Milk

11 Of The Best April Fools Jokes From 2018

As we all know, April Fools day is April 1st. Many people participate on this day by playing a prank on their significant other or even their children. People capture these moments on social media platforms and make a fool out of the person getting a prank pulled on them. Whether it's an Oreo with toothpaste in the middle instead of the cream or an onion covered in caramel at least 25 percent of Americans participate.

1. Dairyland's sparkling milk

Dairlyland pranked their customers by saying they made a sparkling milk beverage. "Sparkling Milk is available in a range of sizes and is perfect for a party, a picnic or as a healthy substitute for soda. Make your fridge sparkle today! " - Dairyland

2.Streaming media player Roku’s remote control in sock form.

Roku pranked their customers by solving an everyday issue, eating a snack or messing with the remote with socks that allows you to change the channel, turn the volume up or search for your favorite show. I bet a lot of people fell for this commercial because it is an issue many people deal with on a daily basis.

3. New Snapchat filter mocks Facebook’s Russian bot problem.

Snapchat created a filter that made fun of Facebook's Russian bot issue. The filter makes the picture look like a Facebook post and adds words to the picture to make it look Russian.

4. T-Mobile’s “smartshoephone.”

T-Mobile created a shoe that has phone abilities including a camera, directions, ways to look at social media, and even calling abilities. The commercial says it all!

5. Netflix’s announcement that it has acquired Seth Rogen.

Netflix pulled a huge prank on their viewers on April Fools day this year using Seth Rogen.

"The joke is for a serious cause, however. It is a promotion for Seth Rogen’s Hilarity for Charity, a taping of a star-studded fundraiser in Los Angeles to raise awareness about Alzheimer’s disease among millennials that users will be available to stream on the site on April 6." - Time

6. The photo of an upside-down rainbow in Sydney doctored for a stunt with Skittles

My Bondi Summer fooled the world by photoshopping an upside-down rainbow in their photo.

7. The American Museum of Natural History’s latest acquisition:

 The American Museum of Natural History pranked Americans by posting this picture of a cyclops on Instagram. Their caption was "What you see before you is a skull of a cyclops—the large central hole is the lone eye socket. Happy ! The myth of the 1-eyed giant Cyclops may have been fueled by discoveries of fossils of ancient elephants, with the central nasal cavity mistaken for an eye socket".

8. Burger King’s dessert Whopper

Burger King pulled the ultimate prank on their customers by creating a commercial for a dessert Whopper. This April Fools joke comes with a chocolate patty, raspberry syrup, white chocolate rings, candied blood oranges, milk chocolate leaves and vanilla frosting. Yum!!

9. A toothpaste version of the Halal Guys' white sauce.

Instagram post said "Introducing The Halal Guys White Sauce Toothpaste: the latest innovation in oral care. Our proprietary teeth whitening recipe not only tastes great, it gives you a more radiant smile! Get it today at your local restaurant. "

10. Soft pretzel franchise Auntie Anne’s line of essential oils in buttery and cinnamon twist flavors which increase “saltiness.”

Auntie Anne's soft pretzel company created a line of essential oils. They even made a website for their essential oils. They have customer reviews and some benefits of using their oils. Disclaimer: This is not real.

11. An Adobe Illustrator feature that suggests places to order food when designers start sketching food.

Adobe Illustrator created a feature on their program that allows you to create any type of food you want and then drag and drop your creation in a food box and it will essentially pull up places where you can get that type of food. It will bring up options and then you can click on which one you want and then order your food and it will show up on your doorstep. What a great April Fools joke, Adobe!!

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