Some people try to steer clear of long distance relationships, but not all are as bad as people cook them up to be. Yes, it sucks being away from your boyfriend/girlfriend, but have you thought about the benefits of it?

1. You cherish the time you have together more.

Not being able to see each other as often as normal makes the time you have together more sweet. You will enjoy the time with each other more now that it is scarce.

2. The feeling you both get when seeing each other after a long period of time apart.

The long, agonizing time apart makes the first time seeing each other like a dream.

3. You are able to grow not only as a individual, but also as a couple.

You have time to learn more about yourself, but also have time to build up a stronger relationship with the time apart.

4. You learn how to trust.

Trust may be a problem in many relationships, but long distance can help you build up that trust with each other.

5. It gets easier.

In the beginning, it is tough, but as time goes on you will realize how it has brought you closer.

So don't be so fast to nip the long distance if it comes to it in your relationship. It could help you both grow as a couple and as a person.