Why I Believe The Universe Sends Us Signs

Why I Believe The Universe Sends Us Signs

With our place in this universe being so unfathomably small, think about how much could exist that is also unfathomable to us.


I am a huge cynic. This most likely stems from finding out that magic didn’t exist from a young age. I was always very skeptical of the world around me but wanted so desperately to believe in things like Santa Claus, mermaids, and true love. My skepticism soon took over and by about twelve, my world no longer included soulmates or fairy tales. But, there is one thing that I haven’t given up on and that is the universe and its power to send us signs.

What does that even mean? The universe, however, we believe it was created, has so much mystery to it. Anyone who has taken astronomy or really any science course can attest to how mysterious the universe is. Earth is tiny in comparison to the other planets in our solar system, and that’s not even comparing it to the universe which includes more solar systems than just ours. With our place in this universe being so unfathomably small, think about how much could exist that is also unfathomable to us.

That alone has me convinced that what we experience can be tied to some greater force. I think we all need help navigating the life given to us. Consistent with my natural cynicism, I am not religious. But, I do believe in the basic premise upon which most religions were founded. There has to be something bigger than all of us. Bigger than the human race, bigger than Earth, bigger than what we know and what we believe to be tangible.

Maybe it’s conceited to think that despite our tiny role as humans in the universe that there is something helping us day to day. But then again, this life is all that we know. And within that, I only know my life, you only know yours. If we only have access to our thoughts and our experiences, it doesn’t seem crazy to me that we each have a place in the universe and are subject to the magic within it.

I’ve always kind of believed in this idea of magic, not necessarily the one practiced by witches or wizards. The magic of signs and the universe’s ability to send them to us when we need them most; right when we need a shift in our thoughts, a skip in our step, or simply some hope. These signs can be interpreted in an infinite amount of ways; just as each human life and its course can change in an infinite amount of ways.

Recently, after hearing some upsetting news I reached out to my roommate for advice. She told me, “There are always going to be things thrown your way that hurt you and it doesn’t mean they aren’t meant to happen--if you needed validation, that’s what the world gave you.” After hearing this, a lot of things seemed to click into place and I felt a sudden relief with the position I was in. I could be upset and hate the hand I was dealt, or I could look at it as a turning point. A sign from the universe. No longer was I putting a heavy weight on my shoulders to figure everything out, to make the right decision, or to freak out about what I could have done differently. It felt like something far away and much more wise than I could ever be at eighteen was telling me to take a much needed breath. It knew what I needed and it gave it to me.

Maybe this belief is a silly way to bring me some sense of peace; maybe it's calming to think I'm getting validation from something other than myself. Whatever the psychological reasoning is behind my thought process, it's definitely not uncommon. But, the most satisfying part of truly not knowing the full capability of the universe is getting to restore a little bit of magic into my adult life.

"Watch with glittering eyes the whole world around you because the greatest secrets are always hidden in the most unlikely places. Those who don't believe in magic will never find it." - Roald Dahl

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