Believe the Hamilton Hype
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Believe the Hamilton Hype

Redefines everything you thought Broadway could do.

Believe the Hamilton Hype

Yesterday, August 30th, at 7:00 p.m., I was seated in the Richard Rogers Theater waiting for the beginning notes of "Alexander Hamilton" to fill the room. I was shaky, sweaty, and hysterical in my seat. The soundtrack that I had been listening to nonstop all summer was about to become alive on stage. The lights began to dim, I gripped my playbill, and dove into 1776.

The first act of the show is a gorgeous, lighthearted portrayal of pre-revolutionary war America. The audience is introduced to a 19 year old Alexander Hamilton who recently arrived in the colonies and had been working tirelessly towards graduating from Princeton in two years. He meets and becomes acquainted with Aaron Burr, Hercules Mulligan, John Laurens, and the Marquis de Lafayette. Through numerous perfectly arranged songs, the audience is taken through Hamilton's quick, impressive rise from an orphan immigrant to General George Washington's right hand man. We see the beginnings of Hamilton and Burr's heavy conflict, and watch our country win the war. The lights in the theater turned on, and the fifteen minute intermission began. Although my bladder begged otherwise, I didn't dare leave my seat. I spent my time absorbing my surroundings (the Richard Rogers has the most beautiful architecture of any Broadway theater I'd ever seen). Before I knew it, the lights began to dim once again and act two came alive on stage.

All I will say about act two of Hamilton is that you will need a box of tissues. Maybe even a therapy session afterwards. This is the part of the musical where things get real, and makes act one feel like a distant daydream. It showcases the tension placed on the founding fathers as they developed the nation. It also makes us remember that Alexander Hamilton had faults of his own, most notably his infamous affair with Maria Reynolds whilst his wife and children were visiting his father in law for the summer. The raw emotion delivered by every single actor is mind-blowing, and you leave the theater feeling nothing short of inspired. Your new life motto might be "write day and night like you're running out of time!" out of fear that you will soon run out of time like poor Hamilton. But more than anything, you'll realize that the $400 ticket you bought was the best $400 you've ever spent, and how you can't even imagine yourself missing this brilliant show.

Every actor in this show deserves eternal praise, but I'm going to be highlighting those who really blew me away. I had the privilege of seeing Renee Elise Goldsberry portray Angelica Schuyler for her last week with the show. Renee's voice is boundless, and sounds no different from her performance on the soundtrack. The same can be said for Christopher Jackson who plays George Washington. In the ballad One Last Time, Jackson's vocal range and power shut everyone up. His onstage presence and natural intimidation made me feel like George Washington himself was really there in the room. I can't forget about Aaron Burr, who was played by the Broadway legend Brandon Victor Dixon in his first week in the role. Dixon has a voice of silk, and owned the stage like he had been playing the part since birth. Lexi Lawson as Eliza Hamilton also exhibited immense vocal capability. Last but certainly not least, Javier Munoz had huge shoes to fill as he took over the role of Alexander Hamilton from Lin-Manuel Miranda. He broke those shoes. From the first time he stepped on the stage, he was Alexander Hamilton. His voice and mannerisms fit perfectly with how anybody would think of how Hamilton carried himself. He owned every emotion and never missed a note. Truly a gift to hear.

I am forever grateful to this show and the impact it has had on my life. It has made me look at the world in a different light. Every song is beautifully arranged and delivered by the endless talent of the cast. I am beyond humbled to have been given the opportunity to witness this piece of art. To everyone reading, even if you don't like hip hop; even if you don't like musicals; even if you don't like Alexander Hamilton; if you have the means, go see this show. I promise you will be more than satisfied. #totherevolution

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