Being Sick In College
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Being Sick In College

As told by 'Grey's Anatomy.'

Being Sick In College

Getting sick at home wasn't too horrible, minus the being sick part. College is a whole different story. Scrub in with the characters of "Grey's Anatomy" and let's determine the symptoms of why being sick at college sucks.

1. Your mom isn't there

We all know that when we're sick it's nice to get spoiled by your mom. She brings you soup and tissues and makes sure that you are staying hydrated and rested. When you run out of things like medicine and tissues she goes and gets more so you don't have to lift your achy body off the bed to get it yourself.

2. You better have some good friends.

Since your mom isn't there, you better have some friends to pick up the adulting slack. You know you have good friends when they give you their own stash of medicine, tons of Vitamin C, they offer to pick you up soup or anything you need every time they go out to eat, and they are always checking up on you to make sure you're OK. They'll be by your side when you need them.

3. Going to Health Services Center

Doctors/Nurses always ask "Do you have a family history of..". Usually your mom or dad answers this and you start to question yourself how you don't already know. So you tell them no, only to text your parents later for them to say yes. Even after you leave you have no idea what medicine to take at what time and what you can and cannot take together.

4. You have to miss class

First you have to make the decision as to whether or not you can make it to class or not. Missing a class isn't as easy as it used to be in high school. If you miss class you're most likely missing a chapter or two of information, along with some extra information that your teacher gives that you need to know. Learning things on your own isn't as easy as it used to be. Some schools/teachers even take attendance, and missing more than two or three days of class means your grade gets dropped a letter. So, is skipping class worth it or not?

5. You still have homework

Even though you missed class and you don't understand what was taught that day, you still have to do your homework. Have fun.

6. You get tired of laying in bed all day.

Since you don't have any energy to walk across campus or basically do anything, you end up laying in bed all day. Believe it or not it gets tiring watching Netflix and sleeping all day for a few days straight.

7. You get scared you might die and nobody will know.

First you can't breathe out of your nose, then breathing out of your mouth causes you to cough like crazy. You already feel like death and considering that everybody is out and about while you lay around all day, you begin to wonder if you'll just die here and nobody will know until they come back.

8. Major FOMO

Talking about everybody being out and about, it seems that the one weekend that you get sick is also the weekend that everybody is going out. You probably planned to go out with them, but then you got sick. Now you hate snapchat for making you jealous, but you have nothing else to do so you watch the snap stories anyways.

9. Being scared of getting everyone else sick

Odds are you're sneezing or coughing all over the place and your room becomes germ heaven. You feel bad because your roommate already has to deal with you up all night sneezing and coughing and now they have the potential of getting sick too along with everyone else who visits you. So don't touch them, but be happy that you got to see them.

10. Food, your once best friend

Eating becomes a struggle and the school food sucked to begin with. You get tired of eating soup and crackers that hopefully your friends picked up for you, but you also cannot stomach the idea of eating school food. You're also to broke to order any food and if you do, by the time the food gets to your dorm you realize you have no appetite. Thank you sickness for making me hate the one thing I absolutely love.

The one thing I will continue to love though is "Grey's Anatomy," and I will binge-watch it in my sick bed until I am no longer sick. Also, seeing Mark Sloan always makes me feel better.

Or should I see McSteamy.
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