Don't Be Ashamed Of Finally Being Okay

I have been waiting years and years to be good. To finally get through my insecurities and to be okay with myself. I would look for help and phone a friend, but now, now I am finally good.

Do not feel ashamed that you are thriving. Do not be ashamed that you found your thing in life.

The roles have reversed. Now that I am finally good, everyone else needs the help. Everyone else is coming to me for the help and honestly, it is getting hard to give that help.

I try so hard to give people kind, honest, and empathetic advice. But lately, I feel like I have been reliving all of the experiences I have gone through.

I am a strong advocate for sharing my experiences with the world and trying to help people handle theirs.

But I realized, I am not a healer.

I try and try and try to heal everyone around me, I make their problems my problems, and it is starting to affect me.

Now that I am finally okay with myself, no one else is okay. There is only so much advice you can give. There are only so many nights you can stay up listening and giving people feedback.

Honestly, I am getting sick of telling people the same thing until I am blue in the face.

I get that some people are just talkers and don't listen to or respect feedback. But when someone comes to me with the same issue, the same problem for years, I just wish I could jump inside their minds and physically do the hard work for them.

I need to lay low. Chill out. And realize that I cannot be here to fix everyone.

It's so nice to finally be good.

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