Here Is Why Being Friends With Your Roommate Is The Best
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10 Reasons Why Being Friends With Your Roommate Is One Of The Best Things That Can Ever Happen To You

I had no idea if I was going to be friends with my roommate or not…what a blessing it is to be!

10 Reasons Why Being Friends With Your Roommate Is One Of The Best Things That Can Ever Happen To You
John Wesley Reid

Moving to a new city is scary. You have no friends and no way of knowing if the people you'll meet will want to be your friend. You know that this is a huge leap of faith and hope that you're making the right decision. You know that this is risky and hope you'll be OK. Having to move in and live with a stranger is overwhelming. But, the Lord destined for me and Tessa, two very different girls, to meet and get along so well that we made the decision to keep being roommates. Keep reading to find out why becoming friends with your roommate is such a massive blessing.

1. You have someone to talk things through with.

John Wesley Reid

Being able to talk with someone about your day at work, stuff that's been on your mind lately, and big decisions in life is vital to your health, I'm convinced. You can't just keep it all inside. While talking on the phone with family and friends back home is helpful and very needed, having someone there in person strengthens the friendship and tightens the bond.

2. You have someone to laugh at you and your stupid ideas.

John Wesley Reid

I have a lot of stupid ideas, just ask Tessa. From thinking that it would be a good idea to get a horribly ratchet haircut, listening to EDM because I think it'll help me fall asleep, to eating Crabby Patties for breakfast, I don't have the best ideas. Tessa helps keep my head on straight. I'm grateful for that.

3. You are able to be a huge blessing in someone else’s life.

John Wesley Reid

Tessa and I both have had huge cry fests where we have no idea what to do with our lives. Just having a shoulder to cry on is sometimes, quite honestly, all you need. *Side note: the above picture is of Tessa. I'm blowfish face below.

4. You can be your real self and know that your roommate isn’t going to move out.

John Wesley Reid

I'm weird. But my weirdness balances out Tessa's normalness. We're the perfect combination of oil and water.

5. Being friends with your roommate is actually great practice for marriage.

John Wesley Reid

This might seem weird, but it's actually very true. Sharing toiletries and bathroom space, asking each other about weekend plans, and sometimes cooking together is perfect practice for being married someday. When you're married, you have to share everything, so sharing with your roommate is a good way to practice.

6. You have someone to help you do your hair.

John Wesley Reid

I'm so bad with hair, it's funny. Thankfully, Tessa can help me.

7. You have someone who helps you improve yourself.

John Wesley Reid

There are so many things that I suck at and just need to improve on. Tessa points out my weaknesses and helps me see what I need to work on. I'm grateful for that.

8. You have a “home away from home,” a safe place to go to.

John Wesley Reid

Tessa is my confidant, the girl who knows me better than any of my friends. She cries with me and understands my crazy emotions. She lets me be alone in my room when I need it, and other times marches in even when I don't want her to because she knows it's not good for me to be alone.

9. You have someone to bounce ideas off of.

John Wesley Reid

Like I mentioned earlier, I have a lot of bad ideas. Tessa helps me only act on the good ideas and not do something that I'll greatly regret later.

10. You know it won’t last forever, so enjoy it. It’s just a season.

John Wesley Reid

Tessa and I will someday, Lord willing, be married to wonderful guys and have families of our own. But for right now, we're enjoying this season because we know it is fleeting.

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