5 Reasons Why The Week Before Spring Break Is Terrible
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Student Life

5 Reasons Why The Week Before Spring Break Is Terrible

The week before spring break is so stressful as a college kid.


The week before spring break is the most stressful as a college kid. It is probably one of the most stressful times besides finals, of course. All the professors, well most of them, cram all the materials into one little test. It is a week that you just want to be done with before it has even started. Remember feeling senioritis....this is 10 times worse.

1. So many tests and assignments

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Every professor waits the week before a big break to cram all the material in a huge test. Uh no, thank you, I would rather being thinking about my toes in the sand right now than your seven page study guide.

2. Packing, with no time to do so 

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I have no time to pack between going to class and studying for tests. I have to wait until last minute to pack all my stuff for spring break. And I have no time at all to do laundry.

3. Online classes don't know spring break

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In online classes, they do not stop for spring break. So I have to do class work during vacation. Not to mention, I am going on a cruise, so I have no WiFi access. I have to finish everything before I leave campus.

4. No family time

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I have not talked to my family this week between work, tests, and essays. I usually talk to them all the time but this week I have no had ANY time. And being gone for a week does not make me feel any better...

5. Work on top of everything else

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I am server so I have to make all my money by being nice to people and I think they can tell that I am stressed out to the max. However, I need the money so I have to forget about family and school for a few hours so I can remember extra dressing on a salad.

I just have to push through this week so I can have a nice, relaxing week in the middle of the ocean with no essays due, all the test done, no WiFi to see my grades, and no more extra salad dressing. Sounds like a great week, just gotta get there first.

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