Famous pop singer Bebe Rexha spoke out against designers that declined her for not being the "right" size.

Rexha explained that she got invited to the Grammy's and wanted to get a custom dress. Her team asked multiple designers if they would be willing to create a dress for her and their responses were disgusting. The designers said they did not want to make a dress for her because she is a size eight.

After Bebe got their response, she decided to speak out. She posted a video on Instagram that said she would still be attending the Grammy's, size eight and all. The post got outrageous amounts of positive comments back and she even received comments from designers that would be more than willing to make a dress for her.

Bebe's situation shows us that even celebrities experience issues with society and body image. A woman that many people look up to is being discriminated because she is not a body type that a designer wants to create for. While there are designers that only want "runway size" women, there are also others that embrace all body types.

Designer August Getty commented on her picture: "You are beautiful! Every woman of every size is beautiful! Just let me know when I should start sketching." Along with multiple other designers that were happy to have their designs on her.

This situation could have damaged Bebe's self-confidence but she decided to be positive and use it as a platform to empower women. Rather than deciding not to go Grammy's over the comments, she will still be attending and in a show-stopping dress, I'm sure.

While many still think that beauty has a size, people like Bebe are here to change that belief. Hopefully through celebrities that speak out on issues like this, overall the fashion industry will change their views.

Make this year one of acceptance and empowerment.