10 Things Every Beauty Guru Needs In Their Bag Wherever They Go

10 Things Every Beauty Guru Needs In Their Bag Wherever They Go

1. Blotting paper


In order to be able to keep up with yourself, you have to carry the essentials. Here are 10 things you should always carry in your bag.

1. Blotting paper


Blotting paper is so helpful. They are basically this little sheets that come in a pack and it helps with removing access oil on your face. So instead of walking around with an uncomfortable, oily, sticky, face, pull out a blotting sheet and remove the oil on your face.

I like the blotting paper from Ulta Beauty. Also, it just makes me feel a lot fresher when I get oil even sweat off of my face.

2. Lip gloss


This is something that everyone should know. But keeping lip gloss in your bag is important. Nobody wants to walk around with ashy, chapped lips.

And if you don't like lipgloss, then try lip blam, or you can even use coconut oil. I prefer this certain kind of lipgloss I get from my local beauty supply store, for only $1. To me, it's really moisturizing, and I always buy a couple at a time just because their so cheap.

3. Concealer 


I feel having concealer in your bag is really important. Only because sometimes we need a touch up on our make up. Throughout the day, we sometimes rub off our makeup, or our makeup doesn't stay all day.

So having concealer in your bag is something that can help, and it also very easy to travel with. I suggest also getting one of those small beauty blenders in your bag so it's easier to carry around.

4. Hair care products


It is so important to carry your hair supplies with you. Now, I'm not saying bring every gel, brush, comb, edge control, you have. But I would say have in your bag an extra comb you don't mind not having at home with you. You can even buy the little travel size gels or edge controls to put in your bag.

I would also suggest buying yourself a travel size mirror just to bring with you so you don't have to do your hair or makeup in front of everyone in a restroom.

5. Moisturizer 


I'm pretty sure this is something that everyone does but just in case. Always carry around with you some kinds of lotion or moisturizer for your face. I think where some people mess up at is a moisturizer for your face, and lotion is sometimes two different things.

Lotion is more prone to clog your pore, because of the oil that some lotions have. Whereas moisturizers for your face, sometimes have no oil in them and still moisturize very well. I'm not saying never use lotion on your face again because for me I haven't run into a problem with using lotion on my face. But for some who notice that your certain lotion is causing breakouts, I would suggest looking into a moisturizer for your face that is oil free.

6. An eye roller


So, I bought this detox eye roller from a brand called "First Aid Beauty" and basically, it kind of reminds me of the roll on lipgloss I use to have when I was little. It's in that exact form, but you use it for under and around your eye, and it helps with bring down the puffiness in the eyes, its soothing, and it can also help with dark circles.

I think this is something that is very important to have in your bag because it's kind of like a pick-me-up. It helps with feeling more refreshed, and also makes you feel more awake.

7. Your makeup bag 


Get yourself a small, travel size makeup bag. This help so much because then you are able to have all your makeup and other accessories in a certain part of your bag you don't have to look around and search for whatever you're looking for.

8. Accesories


This isn't really beauty but still something I think you should have in your bag are extra accessories such as earrings, rings, etc. Sometimes earrings randomly fall out, so having a back up is always helpful. Also having extra backs to your earrings also come in handy.

9. Water


Again, this isn't really beauty, but as we all know water can help with your skin in the long run. So drink your water, carry it around and stay hydrated! Water is able to flush out all the toxins in your skin which can help with clearing your skin. So it's important that you at least try to get your recommended daily amount.

10. Face wipes


Lastly, carry makeup remover wipes with you. This is so important to me because then if you somehow smudge your eyebrow, or mess up your lipstick, you are able to just wipe and fix. That way you won't have to walk around with a messed eyebrow or lipstick all day.

It is obvious that carrying around things that will make your beauty process easy is very important. So make sure you're keeping things in your bag that will be beneficial.

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7 Comments Everyone With Bangs Gets All Day, Every Day

Some questions and statements everyone with bangs can relate to.


Getting bangs is a fun and exciting switch up. You're trying out something new and you can't imagine yourself without bangs. But along with this comes some struggles I am sure we can all agree with. Some of them are comments we receive.

1. "Isn't that a HUGE commitment??!"


Okay, so like sure it's something you should keep up with and take care of, but it isn't life-altering. You know what are commitments too? Probably 99% of other things in life like piercings, bills, school, jobs, and etc. So I'm not really sweating it in the scheme of things, Thad.

2. "How do you get them to be like that?"

It's really crazy what a blow-dryer and a blow-dry thermal rolling brush can REALLY do. Wild. Here's a link to educate yourself if you really are wondering how we do it.

3. "Oh you have bangs? That's cool." 


Yes I do, thanks for the observation. And yeah, I think they're cool too. That's why I got them.

4. "I like always wanted to get bangs, but I don't know if they'd look good. They do on you though! I didn't mean it like that!"

A lot of people tell me this and it always surprises me. Life is too short, y'all, if you want to experiment with your style and try different things. GO FOR IT! Have fun with it and say screw it. I got mine done spontaneously and it was one of the best things I could have done for myself. Not only for myself, but for my self-confidence.

5. "Did you always have bangs?"


Yes, I came out the womb like this. And yes, I did get asked this question. By a super weird dude too after a bad date. Thank u, next.

6. "Were you scared to get bangs?"


Gotta say, I was way more scared for a lot of other things in comparison to getting bangs. Yet I always get asked if I was "so scared." I was scared to get surgery. I was scared to go to college. I was scared to get on an airplane for the first time. I was scared to go on an interview for an internship. But to get bangs?! Nah, not really.

7. "Do you have to take care of them?"


No, they take their own form. Do you brush your teeth every day? Do you brush your hair? Do you shower? If you answered yes to all of these questions, then yes you take care of them. Just like anything else.

Also, at the end of the day, do whatever the hell you want! Get bangs to try it out. If you don't like them, you can always pin them back or tuck them under a headband. They'll grow out if you don't want them, it's not permanent. Have a little fun in life, try new things.

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