5 Beauty Hacks for the Frazzled College Girl

5 Beauty Hacks for the Frazzled College Girl

Even if you don't have the time, you can still look flawless.

In high school, I pretty much was on a set schedule. I’d get home from practice or work, (or whatever else I may have had after school) eat dinner, shower, do homework, go to bed. I usually was in bed by 11, and woke up around 6. In college however, my schedule tends to vary a lot. I used to be the type of person who NEEDED to shower at night. Not only at night, but I needed to shower every night. Dry Shampoo was not in my vocabulary. But college students reading this will understand, sometimes you just don’t have the time to look at your absolute best every day! Here are 5 things I have found to be super helpful in my beauty routine while away at college, and hopefully they will be able to make your lives a bit easier too!

1. Skip the shampoo sometimes!

When you are crunched for time and just need to rinse off, don’t worry about shampooing and conditioning your hair every time you shower! Just getting your hair wet can make it appear less greasy, and prevents your body from overproducing oils in your hair. Washing your hair everyday, you run the risk of your glands becoming overactive and your hair being susceptible to appearing greasy after a short amount of time.

2. Use Vaseline on your wrists to make perfume last longer

Before I go to class at 9 AM, I put vaseline on my wrists and spray perfume on them after. This makes the perfume last longer and stick to my skin, which is perfect for days that I am at class from 9-1 or times I can’t come back to my room all day!

3. Just use Vaseline for everything.

I use my vaseline on my eyelashes as well on days when I don’t feel like putting mascara on. Not only does it help them to grow and strengthen, but also makes your lashes appear darker and shinier.

4. Whiten your teeth quickly and inexpensively with this recipe:

I found this on Pinterest and I swear by it! After just 3-4 times of brushing your teeth with it, you will see results. Put a tiny bit of toothpaste into a bowl, along with one teaspoon of baking soda, one teaspoon of hydrogen peroxide, and half a teaspoon of water. Mix it all in and get rid of any clumps, then simply brush your teeth for 2 minutes. Use this 1-2 times a week for best results!

5. Drink a glass of tea before bed

I drink “Sleepytime” tea, which is decaf and uses herbs such as chamomile, spearmint, lemongrass, and orange blossoms to calm me before bed. I get the “Celestial Seasonings” brand from Target, and it is super reasonable! I have also started taking “Ollie: Flawless Complexion” gummy supplements before bed as well. While I have only used them for about a week or so, reviews claim that after routine use you will notice your skin to appear more clear!

Being in college, you have to be handy and resourceful when it comes to health and beauty, and with these few tips hopefully your morning routine will become a little more effortless… and MAYBE even give you 15 more minutes of sleep; cause we sure need it!

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Your Newest Conspiracy: Box Hair Dye Is A Scam

Why you should just get your hair professionally dyed!!


Just a little word of advice if you're specifically trying to dye your hair blonde don't do it out of a box, you'll never get the results you want. It's worth it to pay for a professional. Because by the time you get the results from box dye that you want then you might have paid the same amount as a professional.

Now, not all box dye is bad. If you have someone who won't botch it then sometimes you get good results depending on the color. Typically going darker than your natural color produces the best result. My friends and I have a happy habit of turning our dorm rooms into a ratchet hair salon. We go out and buy box dye from CVS or Walgreens then we come back, set one of the heart attack chairs in front of our small vanity/mirror and we dye hair. Not only have we gotten dye on ourselves but the floors too.

Our method of washing it out is to lean over the shower's edge, because we don't have a tub, and attempt to get all the color out. This plan worked for my friend who wanted to go from her brownish hair with blonde highlights to a deep red. We successfully didn't botch her hair color and she rocks it. It also worked for the spooky season when we dyed my hair dusty mauve, which is a purplish brown color. But it certainly doesn't work if you want to go lighter than you are.

Sad Story Time:

I realize I'm stupid for thinking that I could dye my hair lighter blonde out of a box dye. But here we are. I must have thought my hair was lighter than it really was too. But anyways, I bought a lighter shade of blonde from Walgreens and my friend Hannah dyed my hair. We let it process for the 25 minutes then I washed it out.

Double bad idea because my hair has ginger ish roots so the blonde dye only made it a really light orange. Here I am freaking out because I have a sorority photoshoot the next day and it's already 12 at night. So the next day I haul my ass to Walmart, hoping to find toner. I bought Oops color away and two different purple shampoo type deals.

Both of these proceeded to not work, they lessened the brassiness only slightly. In the light of my panic attack, my suitemates walked to CVS with me to see if I could buy hair dye that was slightly darker. Within like an hour or so of me having to meet my driver for the event, we re-dyed my hair. It still doesn't look good, despite my suitemates and roommates telling me it does.

So here I am waiting till Wednesday at 12 o'clock for a real professional to fix my hair. Slightly freaking out because I have a semi-formal on Friday and I don't want to look stupid. But it is what it is

Moral of the story: if your thinking about dying your hair.... just go to a hair salon and save yourself the trouble.

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