I am not a religious person.

My family they are religious people. They go to church every Sunday, they all have a bible on every bedside table, they have never missed communion, and they believe in the 7 deadly sins.

I was asked once if I was going to become an atheist because the last time anyone could recall me going to the church was when I wore pick bows in my hair. Did I even believe in religion?! They asked. I laughed which probably wasn't the best response, as they scoffed and held tightly onto their bibles.

Then I simply said, I have faith that this worlds beauty didn't just happen but it was created. I believe forgiveness can always be granted if someone truly wants it. I talk to a friend who lives in the clouds when I feel this world is too much for me. I believe in pure love, like the one of a mother for her children. Lastly I hope for a place after this without hurt in it.

But since I don't go to church on Sundays, drink from a holy cup, and grasp the Bible I guess you're right I'm not religious.