I am the first one to admit it but school sucks. There are too many classes, and too many extracurriculars and not enough time for anything. I definitely need 36 hours in a day to survive. I definitely wish there were less stress and less pressure in college but that's just the way things are.

Despite all the stress, be sure to take some time to enjoy school. We are all so privileged that we have an opportunity to a high education so we might as well take advantage of it. Enjoy the classes that you take because I think that it will help motivate you to study and ultimately do well in school.

And, if possible, take classes completely unrelated to your major. For me, I am a mathematics major, but I took the Coming Apocalypse. Granted, I had to fulfill humanities requirements, but it ended up being one of my favorite classes. I definitely took a lot away from the class and it definitely challenged my notion of what the end of the world means. I also took Knowledge and Power: Issues in Women's Leadership this semester (again I needed the humanities credit), but the class changed my view on feminism and women's right. I know that I will always remember these classes even though they had nothing to do with my major.

I would also encourage everyone to travel. Maybe go to a museum or study abroad. Although I haven't had the chance, many people love the experience of being able to be involved in a completely different culture. For one of my classes, we got the opportunity to go to Terror Behind the Walls which is a haunted house in the Eastern State Penitentiary to experience what fear is like. And I will always remember that.

Or just get out of your dorm room. There are so many events that you can go to just have fun. Obviously, it's unrealistic to go to every single event on campus and not all of them will be appealing to you but you can always go to one every couple of weeks. It is a great way to meet new people or to form more memories with your friends. And its just fun and we all need a break.

With all this in mind, make college your own. If you prefer to study in your room, that's fine, and if you would rather go out that's also fine. Just be sure to make the right decision about what you want to do in college and be sure to have no regrets when you graduate.

People say that its the best four years of your lives and it goes by quickly.