Bachelor Contestant Comes Out As Queer
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The Online Outraged Sparked From Social Media Starlet By Coming Out Of The Closet

How a former 'Bachelor' star instigated a new wave of conversation following coming out as queer.

The Online Outraged Sparked From Social Media Starlet By Coming Out Of The Closet

On June 22 Demi Burnett a former contestant from season 23 of The Bachelor slipped her way out of the closet and into the Twittersphere of announcing her queerness. Burnett is scheduled to be one of many contestants on 'Bachelor in Paradise' 2019. In her tweet that got over three thousand retweets and over sixty thousand likes she publicized her sexual orientation as being a "queer queen".

The number of responses created a conversation no one would assume to happen in 2019. The overwhelming amount of positive responses and congratulations were washed out by the numerous tweets attacking Burnett and throwing homophobic comments towards her. One user even claimed that she was "embarrassing to the fandom", calling her a "faggot freak show" and that she was ruining the franchise. Sending her a whole paragraphed slued with homophobic content.

After tweeting a screenshot of the direct message Burnett got even more support from her fellow Bachelor Nation including former Bachelorette star Kaitlyn Bristowe. Bristowe complimented the show for the evolution into the new phases of being more accepting to the LGBTQ+ community and for Burnett herself for being brave enough to come out to her 181 thousand followers.

In this new generation of being more accepting of other sexualities is a big step for such a hit show. To show viewers all over the nation that fluid sexuality is something that should be normalized; not ostracized. The criticism that Burnett faced was just a glimpse into the black and white world that we still live in.

It is time to throw away old ideas and to bring acceptance into the light. The homophobic slander that Burnett faced is just a peek into how far back American society is set. If having just one queer person on a national dating show is what it takes to normalize and accept the differences we face, then we should take it wholeheartedly.

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