Choosing where to go to college is stressful but the transition doesn't have to be, here are fifteen reasons going away to college is beneficial. No matter where you choose to embark on your next adventure know that there is much ahead and much to learn, about the world, people and even yourself. Going away to college is a challenge especially if you are eight hours from home like I am but you adjust quickly and realize that you have found a home away from home.

1. Getting out of that hometown feel (and away from your parents ) is refreshing. You'll thank me later, new is good.

2. You will meet people from all walks of life, this includes other cultures and countries and THATS COOL AF

3. If you go to school far from home, your time home will be all the more welcoming and you will actually appreciate your family that much more.

4. You become part of a whole new world whether you planned on it or not.

5. Making new and cool friends are kind of a guarantee and sometimes that is a little hard to get at a commuter school


7. The culture, diversity, the damn college life

8. You will never have another experience like it, I can attest to this

9. You may meet people who change your world in the best way

10. Being away from home can teach you lessons you would not learn otherwise

11. You have the chance to dabble in things you didn't have access to before, both good and bad

12. You find what you're truly passionate about

13. You'll find like-minded folk and make important networking connections

14. You'll be afraid, this is a good thing

15. If you are anything like me you'll weed out the fake friends from back home pretty fast