18 Autumn Things To Do In Michigan
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18 Autumn Things To Do In Michigan

18 Autumn Things To Do In Michigan

Autumn has started last week and there are different things we can do in the state of Michigan.

1. Visit a hunted house with friends and have a great time. You would scream a lot when you go to a haunted house.

2. Go to an apple orchard to pick apples with your friends and family and get apples and apple cider. It is fun to go and pick different apples that you like to eat. Eating fresh apples from orchards are so delicious and yummy.

4. Go to Halloween Nights at the Henry Ford with friends and family! Dress up in your favorite costume and have a fun time. It is fun for the whole family which is so amazing.

5. Go pumpkin picking and go on a hayride at an apple orchard which is pretty fun and exciting.

6. Drinking hot apple cider which is delicious!

7. Try pumpkin spice drink which I heard is popular during this season!

8. Make apple pie for desert which is yummy to have around Halloween time and during this time of year.

9. Have a movie night with friends and watch Halloween Movies such as Hocus Pocus, Haunted House, The Addams Family, Sleepy Hallow and many more.

10. Have bonfires with friends on the weekends and toast marshmallows and hang out.

11. Try to go to a local high school or college football game with friends and have a great time!

12. Michigan High schools have their homecoming dances/parades/games during this season in the months of September and October! High schoolers have a blast going to them.

13. Take a hike to see the leaves change different colors such as brown, red and green. It is pretty seeing the leaves change different colors in this season autumn.

14. Carve pumpkins for Halloween is always fun and it is fun to do with the family. You can also paint the pumpkins as well. You can carve the pumpkins anyway you want there are so many different designs to use out there. Also be creative with your design and any theme.

15. Eating, making or buying Carmel apples!

16. Make Fall cookies and they are delicious and fun to make.

17. Tailgate at a football game with your friends! I haven't been but I heard it is fun from some of my friends that have!!

18. Decorate the house with Autumn decorations which is a nice thing to do.

There are many more things to do this autumn in Michigan but these are the ones that I thought of at the top of my head! I hope that everyone has a great autumn and stay warm. I wonder if it will be a cold autumn this season but who knows. I hope this gives you some ideas to do this autumn which might help a bit.

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