If everyone loves, what really defines it? People always love to be in love, but is it really that good? These are the things that go through my head so I wanted to see what everyone thinks. Here ya go

“Finding 11 chicken nuggets in a 10 piece.” Shannon, 21
"It's truly hard to define because it is different for everyone. I could honestly talk about it for a long time. More than anyone has in a lifetime." Foster, 23
“Love is when you put someone’s wants and needs at the same value as your own. That you can show them every part of you and they will do the same. When they make you a better person just by being in your life.” Regan, 21
"Love means so many different things. Finding someone who accepts you as you are, but fully supporting you if you want or need to change or grow. Someone who can put you above their needs and someone you can do the same for. Love is taking care of someone physically, mentally and spiritually. Love is bringing me a chocolate shake when I’m sick." Cindy, 51
“Taking care of and looking out for. Someone to be mindful of, to think about and be thought about.” Liam, 25
“Love is that feeling of home. It’s comforting. Nurturing. Familiar. With it comes security and stability. You have to take care of it. It’s so many different aspects of home.” Liz, 22
"Love is conditional except when loving your children. That is unconditional love. Everything else has conditions and can be intense or boring but not an unbreakable bond." Shawn, 45
“Love is: supporting them in every aspect of life. Walking beside them as they follow their dreams, and seeing that future you’ve always dreamed of being with them.” McKenzie, 20
“There’s no description of love.” Andrea, 23
“When you turn the pillow over to the cool side.” Bec, 19

Everybody has a different view of love, but one thing is for sure, no matter what your take is on it, you love somebody.

You know in your heart what it means to you, so never let somebody define it for you, make sure you define everything in your life how you want it to be. Whichever way you look at it, love is love and in the end, love wins.