I grew up in the church. Every week my parents took me to church, and sometimes I enjoyed it, while other times I did not. As I got older, I began to enjoy it more and wanted to go to church (especially youth group). When I left home for college, I knew I wanted to find an organization that allowed me to further grow my faith during school. This searching and desire in my heart led me to the University of Arkansas Wesley Foundation. Allow me to tell you about it, and why I am so thankful I found it.

Free food.

Alright, if I'm being completely honest, one of the greatest draws to the Wesley Foundation is the meals they provide for FREE to the students on campus. These aren't your typical cheap pizza and cokes kind of meals. These are homecooked and delicious, and the food type varies each week. One week we'll have pasta, then chicken tenders, and then enchiladas. After these dinners, we also get free dessert, which is really yummy. If there are leftovers, those will even go in the fridge for you to eat later that week as you desire. So, if you like free (delicious) food on a weekly basis, the Wesley Foundation is your one-stop shop.

The friendships.

The people I have met through the Wesley Foundation are some of the best people I know. They are people who will always have your back, no matter what. Not everyone at the Wesley is going to be your best friend. That just will never happen in any organization, even if you really want it to. But I truly believe that everyone at the Wesley cares about me and will pray for anyone when they need it. They'll help you study, write an essay, or do whatever you need done. There will probably be someone there who can help you at all times. The people you meet will counsel you, cry with you, and just plain love you throughout your years in school.

The opportunities to serve others.

Every winter break and spring break, there is an opportunity to go somewhere and serve those in need during a mission trip. This mission trip can differ in what is being done, but it usually has something to do with working on houses that need to be fixed. In the past, we have gone to Memphis, Baton Rouge, and this winter we are probably going to go somewhere in the Houston area to do Hurricane Harvey relief. While the locations are fun, and the social aspect of the long car rides and living together for a week are definitely memorable, ultimately it is the appreciation and smiles we receive from those we're serving that make these trips well worth it. The Wesley Foundation has been so influential in my college career. I can't imagine how different my life would be if I hadn't found this amazing place. If anyone out there is reading this that doesn't have a place they feel at home in college, I highly encourage you to check out your local Wesley Foundation (or something like it). You might just end up having an incredible experience like mine has been so far.