Ariana's '7 Rings' Unapologetically Preaches Materialism And We Are So Here For It
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Ariana Grande's '7 Rings' Unapologetically Preaches Materialism And We Are So Here For It

"7 Rings" is now one of our favorite things.

Ariana Grande

On Friday, Ariana Grande released her single "7 Rings." Influenced by "My Favorite Things" from the Broadway musical "The Sound of Music," Grande's song talks about her favorite things: diamonds, ATM machines, and her hair — girl, same. This broadway, hip-hop, pop-infused single also dropped with a music video on YouTube, overwhelming fans with excitement.

Grande, who previously released two other songs, "thank u, next" and "imagine," said she wrote this song shortly after her split with Pete Davidson. After a trip with her girls to Tiffany's where she bought them jewelry and got drunk off of champagne, Grande said on Twitter, she just had to write a song about her day with her friends.

In the song, Grande sings about luxurious material items and how much they make her happy. She even puts a price on happiness, "Happiness is the same price as red bottoms." But her song isn't necessarily about being greedy with items. Grande also sings about buying things with her friends and, in the music video, she's seen partying with her girls and having a good time.

"7 Rings" takes treat yourself to a whole new level.

Many fans are loving the new song and applaud Grande for her successful comeback after such a rough 2018. Grande did not let the past defeat her. Like she says, "Been through some bad shit, I should be a sad bitch. Who would have thought it turn me to a savage."

Other fans are heading to Twitter to make light-hearted jokes about Grande's latest hit. Since the song preaches to treat-yourself by spending money, people are joking about spending all their money after listening to the song or how they feel rich even if their bank account says otherwise.

The theme of materialism in "7 Rings" isn't meant to be taken seriously, nor is it meant to make fun of people with low incomes. It's just a fun song that revolves around a girl's obsession with buying things for her friends and herself. So, the next time you find yourself at a mall, make sure to listen to "7 Rings" and treat-yourself!

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