5 Signs You're Turning Into Kanye West
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5 Signs You're Turning Into Kanye West

Are you Yeezus or just another fan?

5 Signs You're Turning Into Kanye West
Tyler the Creator

With the release of Kayne West's newest album "The Life of Pablo," his fashion line and his recent Twitter feuds with multiple stars that have gone viral over the last month and a half, it's hard not to see this rapper all over social media. His Twitter feed is constantly splashed across the news detailing his latest rant or fight. Even if you're not a fan, it's very difficult to deny his overwhelming success as an artist and a designer. And when seeing this success, it's hard not to want to be like this man. So below are five signs that you might be turning into West.

1. Twitter fights that make real fights look tame

The first step to check to see if you're turning into West is to examine your Twitter habits. When someone tweets "I love this new song," but you don't like that song, do you find yourself slamming the keyboard angrily with your response? Did you automatically assume someone else's tweet was about you? Have you already typed out 17 different reasons that you're better than this person? Are you going to slander their whole family? If any of the above is true, you might be following Kanye's lead and copying Wiz Khalifa's Twitter fight.

2. An ego the size of the Lord Himself

Next, you need to do an ego check. Do you ever find yourself sitting in front of the mirror and know that no one looks better? Have you ever given yourself a nickname that sounds eerily similar to the word Jesus? Do you continuously call yourself "the most important living artist" to anyone who will listen? If you're certain that you are without a doubt the most important person alive, you either have a serious narcissistic complex or you could just be Yeezus.

3. Everything you say is contradictory

After that, its best to make sure what you say isn't always contradicted within a day or two. Do you find yourself completely destroying somebody emotionally and apologizing the next day saying "all positive vibes?" Have you ever been a rapper since 2004 and suddenly decided that you're not a rapper? If you constantly contradict yourself like this, you may be on your way to being West. Or maybe not.

4. Not a Swiftie

Is just hearing the name Taylor Swift enough to make you shudder? When she gives speeches, do you have a uncontrollable urge to run onto the stage and yell, "I'm sorry, but Beyonce had one of the best videos of all time!" Does your newest album have a song that takes a serious jab at her saying, "I feel like me and Taylor [Swift] might still have sex. Why? I made that bitch famous." If this is you, you might want to consider that she was famous without your help, and you might be West.

5. Broke as a joke

The final step to check if you're really Kanye West is to check your bank account. Do you spend excessive amounts of money on fur coats and foreign cars? Did you suddenly check your bank account after deciding to fund the launch of your own clothing line and realize that you're $53 million dollars in debt? After that did you ask Mark Zuckerberg to "invest 1 billion dollars into Kanye West ideas?" If the above are true, you really are Kanye West.

These are the top five signs that you might be turning into Kanye West. The man may be a little eccentric at times, but he is without a doubt a very talented and successful artist and designer. So who knows, maybe that's not such a bad thing.

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