You may be thinking what is the Disney College Program? Disney College Program participant, you'll become part of the magic that is known worldwide. Gain valuable, on-the-job experience working in our parks and resorts, participate in college coursework, and have the opportunity to meet and live with people from all over the country and potentially the world in company-sponsored housing. This truly unique five- to seven-month program allows participants to network with leaders, take part in personal and career development classes, and build transferable skills such as problem-solving, teamwork, guest service, and effective communication.

So many people apply every year including me., it's a time that can bring joy or heartbreak and here are some things that DCP people understand

1. Applications Dropping

When the day finally comes you don't let your phone or computer out of your sight. The refresh button is your best friend and when you see that you can finally fill it out, you are on that no one is in the way. Double-checking everything to make sure it is perfect and will stand out.

2. Being Stuck in AR (Application Received)

This area will make you crazy, the longer your here the crazier you get. Never know when something is going to change. All while you are in your Disney College Program Facebook group seeing everyone get, web based interviews and phone interviews.

3. Getting A Web Based Interview

OK, you've made it this far. The fun has just begun, but there is a trick. That one thing that always gets in the way. It is timed, you have between 20 to 50 seconds for each question. So here are some tips. Do it in a quiet area away from distractions. Don't have more than one computer tab open at a time. Lastly, read carefully and answer honestly.

4. Getting A Phone Interview

This really is showtime. The make it or break it moment. You have researched all the possibilities and all the possible questions and tips. It feels like you are studying for a test. You every day closer to your interview the more nervous, when the day comes you will feel every different type of emotion and maybe even nausea, but you got this, just remember to smile.

5. No Longer In Consideration

Everything is going to be OK, it's going to hurt, but don't give up. You're going to be sad and maybe cry but you are not alone. You can try again next year.

6. Accepted

The dream has come true and congratulation. Time to pack your bags, pay your fees and wait to see what location you get. Now to relax and start scouting for potential roommates and have fun.