At UCLA, on-campus housing is not guaranteed to fourth-year students. As a transfer student, most of us are only guaranteed just one year, so we have to resort to finding apartments for our fourth year and beyond.

Since we live in Los Angeles, there is an overall housing crisis due to high rent prices and not having enough housing that affects many including students.

Looking for an apartment in Westwood is extremely competitive as people have to immediately sign leases to secure a good place for the following school year.

Since this is my first year at UCLA since I just transferred this year so balancing my rigorous academics has not exactly been easy. As if this new school wasn't stressful enough, apartment hunting made it 2000 times more stressful.

You have to figure out so much out such as your budget, your possible roommates' budgets, the distance you're willing to walk to and from campus, and SO much more.

Many people make it seem like having an apartment is so fun and so easy but the reality is, it is NOT that easy.

You have to make sure you get a place you would enjoy living, get people who you'd know you'd be able to coexist with and find a place worth living in.

First, you have to go and look for apartments online to schedule tours that take up so much time especially if you don't end up liking the apartment, you have to keep looking. It gets extremely stressful because people continuously and quickly signing leases.

Once you find a place, you need to figure out the leasing and rent process. This is one of the first "adulting" things many people do, including me, so I can confirm it isn't the most fun nor easiest.

Once it is all signed and paid for, you need to go out and celebrate that you have finally signed your first apartment lease!

But at the same time, you gotta start looking at getting extra amenities and utilities not included in the rent, furnishing the apartment, getting the essentials, and then eventually moving in.

I am so blessed to say I live in Los Angeles but it has not been the easiest transition from being supported in almost every aspect possible by my family to doing everything on my own.