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'Joker' Should Be 2019's Most Anticipated Movie

For some strange reason, no one really paid attention to the fact that the movie "Joker" will be coming out in 2019.


For whatever reason, the entire world (myself included) seemed to have overlooked some of the most exciting news announced from this year. DC is kicking off their "Elseworld" films by giving The Joker his own movie, which will be called simply, "Joker."

This is insane news, especially when considering two things.

One, this movie is indeed the start to the "Elseworld" timeline. To my knowledge this timeline is completely separated from the normal DC Universe and is meant to be used for unique movies. The new "Joker" project will cover the characters life and origins, and if successful enough, will hopefully will allow DC to be able to put out even more of these one-off movies starring heroes from their massive world of characters.

Secondly, DC needs to realize they can't do a movie about The Joker without having the historic past of the character being mentioned. Over the years some of acting's finest have taken on the challenging role. Names such as Jack Nicholson, Mark Hamill, and Heath Ledger have all put their spin on the iconic character, which is return has helped shape The Joker into a fan favorite villain.

Considering the number of times that The Joker character has been done successfully, there is a pressure defaulted upon DC to not screw up this movie. DC's answer to said pressure was finding the perfect actor to take on the challenge of "Joker". For the 2019 movie they chose Joaquin Phoenix, which I think is a perfect fit.

For those who don't know much about Joaquin, I would recommend watching the movie "Her" in which he plays a lonely man who falls in love with an artificial intelligence software. As odd as the movie is, you can't help but notice how talented Joaquin is as an actor. This guy made me openly care about a love story involving a man and a more articulate Alexa. He carries this certain vibe with him that forces audiences to sympathize with his character. I'd put him under the classic "average Joe" stereotype, which is going to play wonderfully in this new "Joker" movie.

We know that this movie is going to capture the origin story of The Joker, which most likely will come from the well-known "The Killing Joke" storyline. If you know anything about the character's beginning, you know that after he quits his lab assistant job, he gets tied up with the mob, and ultimately jumps into a pool of chemicals to escape Batman. This disfigures him, and when mixed with news of his pregnant wife dying, causes him to go insane.

DC made a very conscious and calculated decision in choosing Joaquin, the everyday man, for the Joker. Taking an average guy and forcing him to go to extremely dark places will captivate audiences, so that is something to be looking forward to.

But what's a DC movie without DC trying to screw it up?

Alongside the Joaquin announcement, DC publicized the odd decision they made to have Todd Phillips direct and help write the upcoming film. For those who don't know, Todd Phillips has an extensive past of directing a ton of goofy comedies. His most famous work is The Hangover series that had audiences laughing all over the world.

So why does DC feel the need to have him direct a movie about arguably the darkest villain in any superhero movie?

Look, I'm speaking on behalf of fans in saying that this movie must be an absolute home-run of a film to do this character any justice. If DC really wants this "Elseworld" franchise to take off, then they need to produce a movie that properly advances a character enough to make fans want to go and see more.

Hopefully we get more information regarding the movie soon, but for now, keep an eye for upcoming trailers for the movie. We can only pray that DC's self-shooting gun doesn't have any bullets left to ruin this opportunity.

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