Why America Has Had The Worst Coronavirus Response
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The 9 Americans Doing The Worst Job Of Handling The Coronavirus Pandemic

All of these people are creating an environment where the virus can spread freely and openly.

The 9 Americans Doing The Worst Job Of Handling The Coronavirus Pandemic
There have now been nearly 80,000 confirmed deaths from coronavirus (COVID-19) in the United States. That is an incredibly alarming number given the number of global deaths is about 285,000.

While the pandemic has been handled poorly by our president, there are a number of other Americans doing a bad job at handling the pandemic and possibly even spreading it further.

1. President Trump

Trump has really been botching COVID-19 from the beginning. The situation has gotten out of control and Trump's primary focus is on reopening the economy, even in the midst of a pandemic.

If anyone has done a bad job at limiting the spread of COVID-19, it has been Trump and his team's radical denial of the severity of the disease and its hold on America.

2. Spring breakers that have actively spent time on beaches

Students and lots of travelers didn't cancel their plans to hit the beaches in Florida. And it truly cost them and our country as they got the COVID-19 and probably wound up spreading it.

3. Anybody that's still refusing to wear a mask

If you go to a grocery store, you're bound to find at least one person without a mask. Actually, if you just go outside into any public space you will almost certainly find someone without a mask.

COVID-19 spreads through particles we project in our breath. Not wearing a mask means you are basically contaminating any space with any number of people in it. It's dangerous and stupid to do.

4. People who want to reopen no matter what

There's a lot of people in America who want to reopen stores, cities, and the entire country no matter what. Do they even realize how disastrous that could be in sparking a second wave?

5. Anyone protesting quarantine and lock down

Protests like this one in Colorado have been happening around the country. These people are protesting for a reopening of their cities, states, and the country due to a disease that spreads in large groups of people. Do we need to say more?

6. Anyone protesting social distancing while carrying a gun

The people of Michigan stormed the capital with their assault rifles. But, quite literally, why do you need a gun at your protest? Is it just some strange flex or do you actually think you're going to kill the coronavirus with an AR-15?

7. Mike Pence

After his press secretary tested positive for COVID-19, Vice President Mike Pence has publicly stated that he will not be entering quarantine or self-isolation. Instead, he's opting to return to the White House immediately.

This could cause an outbreak in the White House, all because he seems to not believe that self-isolating will do anything.

8. Elon Musk

Early on, Musk said that the COVID-19 panic was "dumb." And more recently he has threatened to move the Tesla headquarters out of California due to their pandemic restrictions.

Musk's receipts say it all, he doesn't really believe COVID-19 is as huge of a deal as it truly has become. And he's willing, as a prominent public figure, to rebuke scientists advice who have studied pandemics just to make his own point.

9. Gov. Ron DeSantis of Florida

According to Politico, DeSantis failed to fully shut down Florida beaches, paving the way for spring breakers to come in and spread the virus. And he's been public about his opinion in favor of fewer restrictions because some counties weren't seeing any community spread.

That just created an environment for the disease to spread even further.

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