Alternative Hits to Get You in the Autumnal Mood​
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Alternative Hits to Get You in the Autumnal Mood​

Ten songs for the folk-loving, emotional, alternative enthusiasts to get you pumped for fall

Alternative Hits to Get You in the Autumnal Mood​
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As September comes to a close and we roll into the sweet autumnal season with October quickly approaching, I find my music taste shifting. I yearn for the melancholic melodies of someone who has endured heartache, the slight twang of a well-used banjo, and the somber tone of songs written by some of the most poetic lyricists. When fall hits and the brisk breeze picks up, I find myself enveloped in certain genres, artists, and albums, so here is a small playlist to help you dip your toes into the sad-boi nature of my autumn-filled mind.

Alright by Keaton Henson

With such a sorrowful voice and the lyrics to match, Henson uses his trusty piano to tell the melancholic tale of his own insecurities. Not only is it relatable, but the simple but beautiful chords strike the heart.

Call It Dreaming by Iron & Wine

Autumn, for me, is when the world starts its rebirth process. It is the time where we can let go of all the mistakes and negativity and start the grieving process so that we come out stronger in the spring-- this is where we can mimic the ever-changing nature of the earth in which we live. And, "Call It Dreaming" is the epitome of that process, to me. Sam Beam's voice and melodic strumming encompasses the process of letting go and holding on to oncoming development.

Sprained Ankle by Julien Baker

Julien has a gift unlike most artists, and her deep and figurative lyrics strike a nerve as her intricate strumming and plucking of the guitar imitate the feeling of falling leaves on a foggy afternoon.

Rhiannon by Fleetwood Mac

Nothing gets more "fall aesthetic," "witchy," or "Halloween-esque" than Fleetwood Mac, so no Autumnal playlist can go without the lyrical genius of Stevie Nicks. I mean, wouldn't you love to love her?

Title and Registration by Death Cab for Cutie

Although this entire album reeks of "fall vibes," I find that Title and Registration sums up the loss that fall can bring for people, the heartbreak of a seasonal shift. Not to mention, the gorgeous guitar riffs make me think of cruising through the countryside with no destination in mind as you see the glorious color shift of vibrant leaves.

The Body Electric by Hurray for the Riff Raff

It surely helps that the lyrics mention "the leaves of September," but it's the sorrowful woes Alynda Segarra sings of that really entrances the listener. It also helps that there are some gorgeous strings that accompany her unique and powerful set of pipes.

Awake My Soul by Mumford & Sons

In my opinion, the optimal Autumnal instrument is a banjo, and Marcus Mumford and bandmates sure do have a way with theirs. However slow the song may begin, the pick up at about 2.5 minutes surely makes you want to dance in a field of orange-covered trees and crunchy leaves. How rare is it for a song to make you want to feel and dance simultaneously.

Kids In Love- EP Version by Mayday Parade

It's the reminiscent vibe for me. The acoustic version of this song draws in the emotion, and it is the tone of complete loss and remembrance working in tandem with the angst that makes this song work. A perfect autumn ditty for those missing the one who got away.

Two Good Things by Modern Baseball

As I've mentioned before, Autumn seems to be the season of reflection. I find myself nostalgic and also worried about the future. Life can feel like too much to handle, and you can miss the simpler times; the "good old days," if you will. I think Two Good Things ties that idea up perfectly in a neat little alternative package of gloomy angst.

Hello, I'm in Delaware by City and Colour

Dallas Green. Need I say more? In all actuality, City and Colour is my go-to band during the autumn months. It's the upbeat yet stripped down guitars that make me want to sit in front of a bonfire and reflect on all the good-- and bad-- memories of my life. Although this is a love song, I find it reflective of the changing seasons-- embracing the hardships of life, pushing forward, and realizing that good things will come... eventually. I have a deep love for this song and this band. In my opinion, no playlist is complete without a City and Colour piece attached.

Now that the Autumn Equinox recently passed, it is time to settle into fall-time vibes. Here's to a forlorn and nostalgic playlist to help with reflection and one full of poetically relatable songs to fill any crestfallen listener's heart with some relatability.

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