9 Albums For The Perfect Fall Vibes
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9 Albums For The Perfect Fall Vibes

Here's to giving you a soundtrack for cool temperatures and crunchy leaves.

9 Albums For The Perfect Fall Vibes

In my opinion, fall is the most idealized season, full of pumpkins, sweaters, and the most beautiful trees. I feel more excited for it every year, and it just holds that cozy, warm feeling that can only be found in the chill of an autumn breeze. It feels even better with the right music, so here are seven albums that are perfect for the fall days, even as the season comes to a close.

1. "In The Aeroplane Over the Sea" by Neutral Milk Hotel

Considered by many to be an indie rock classic, this album has some soft songs, some abrasive songs, and lots of reverb. The lyrics sing stories of fantastical tales, with two-headed boys and girls with roses in their eyes. It's both strange and charming and perfect for feeling like you're in a fall wonderland while wrapped up in your best vintage sweater.

2. "Self-Titled" by Hozier

Hozier's music is so ethereal that some wonder if he is actually human or an immortal being who lives in a mossy forest. His deep, soothing voice can make even the most morbid lyrics sound like a lullaby. Also, you really can't get much more autumn than a song about two dead lover's bodies being found by foxes in the woods (trust me, he really does make it sound romantic).

3. "Peripheral Vision" by Turnover

If you're looking for a more grungy fall album, you'll find it here. It's also a great example of the softer side of pop-punk. Muted vocals and bittersweet lyrics make a great soundtrack for looking out your window at the autumnlike leaves and thinking about how much you miss that one person.

4. "folklore" by Taylor Swift

In case you were under a rock recently, Taylor Swift dropped a surprise album this year. "folklore" is a new Swift era, moving away from country and pop and towards indie and folk. Her songwriting skills are as strong as ever, but this album feels more quiet and reflective, like a cool autumn breeze through your hair.

5. "Rumours" by Fleetwood Mac

This album is almost 50 years old, but it still finds more fans every day. The folksy melodies may sound soft, but they have a certain bite to them from the tension within the band. Listen to it sitting outside or on a porch with a cup of good coffee and maybe even have your parents join you — they probably have a story or two with Fleetwood Mac.

6. "Plans" by Death Cab for Cutie

One of the best albums of early 2000's indie, "Plans" is the perfect showing of Death Cab for Cutie's knack for writing songs that capture those little moments in life, whether it be driving on a road trip or smiling at someone from across the library. The melodies are perfect for yearning for that one person or staying up late studying on a crisp night.

7. "The Queen Is Dead" by The Smiths

If you like your music more dark and moody, you probably already know that the Smiths are the perfect band for that. Morissey's dark, British voice croons of his heartbreak and loneliness over catchy melodies that may make you forget what he's singing about. Imagine a gloomy November graveyard, and you've got a pretty good visualization of this iconic album.

8. "Modern Vampires of the City" by Vampire Weekend

You may have heard Vampire Weekend when "Campus" was being used to show off universities on Tiktok. While I think any Vampire Weekend is a great fall choice, this album perfectly captures the feeling of the end of fall, when winter's approaching and you realize you have some long cold months ahead. These bouncy songs will help brighten the more cold and dreary fall days.

9. "Self-Titled" by Fleet Foxes

I think the most ideal listening experience of this album would be driving by yourself into the countryside, but it also sounds great from your dorm room. This is peak folk music, with gentle acoustics and singing that could have come from an isolated village in the mountains. It'll make you want to go out and see the world but also cozy up by the fire where you are.

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