"AHS: Cult" Turns The Series Around
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"AHS: Cult" Turns The Series Around

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"AHS: Cult" Turns The Series Around
American Horror Story Cult

"American Horror Story" has had a rocky series. They started off so well with "Murder House." Had everyone guessing wrong in "Asylum." Bored everyone, except 10% of viewers, with "Coven." Scared the shit out of everyone in "Freakshow." Made questionable choices to include vampires in a hotel that kills people due to ghosts and the building of the hotel in the series "Hotel." Lost a lot of viewers to the 'amazing' series, "Roanoke." To leave us with the newest season, "Cult," that definitely is world wind in just the first episode.

Although all of those series are something to talk about, let's address "Cult."

It is about the latest election and shows a lady, Ally (Sarah Paulson), who is traumatized and starts to see holes and clowns everywhere. A man named Kai (Evan Peters) who has this political idea that we need to use fear as a tactic to get people to listen.

These two cross paths, sadly.

Ally and her wife decided to hire a new babysitter, Winter (Billie Lourd), who seems perfect, even though she is actually with Kai.

Now lets just break down a few key points of the episode to explain a few odd points.

First, why the hell did they hire Winter? She is a diehard Hillary Clinton fan who is all about women's rights and equality, and that is why she is no longer in college. Of course two married lesbians with a child are going to say yes to that because it sounds so perfect. Too perfect.

Yet later on, she ends up showing their child horrible videos of people being killed. Not to mention she shows the son a group of real life clowns murdering the Chinese man who objected against Kai political statements.

Clearly if someone is too perfect, then you shouldn't be interested in them.

Another key point, or rather an idea. Why Ally? There are plenty of married lesbian couples with children. This made me assume that maybe Kai was their sperm donor for the child, and he wants to now be involved. Or maybe because they lived right across from the Chinese man who objected Kai? Or could it be because they are married lesbians, considering that Kai is a diehard Donald Trump fan who is against LGBTQ?

One last key point. Ally has a phobia of clowns and holes. (Probably should go back to Asylum) Is this going to make her face her biggest fear, to the point of where she no longer has the phobia? Or are the clowns going to keep secretly killing while she looks psychotic and then at the end everyone is going to be like, "Wow you aren't crazy?"

Cult has left their audience on a major cliffhanger for only being episode 1. They also haven't included as many original characters. Where the hell is Jessica Lange? She hasn't been in the last two seasons and that's honestly crap. If she decided to come back, everything would automatically be better.

Overall, Cult seems like an original, good season like "Murder House" and "Freak Show." It appears it is going to follow through with one plot and actually not become terrible mid-way or have unrealistic events.

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