Breeding and selling animals is a cruel and unforgiving trade. Animals are stuffed in small cages to be transported to pet stores and sit in windows like mannequins. Christmas is right around the corner this is the best time of the year to give back. Add an addition to your family and adopt a furry friend from your local shelter. There are so many benefits to adopting pets.

You're saving more than one life, shelters become overpopulated. When you adopt an animal you make room for others that need shelter. Some of the dogs and cats are often euthanized to create space for other animals to come in. You're giving this animal a second chance.

You're changing their world, an animal might only be a part of your life but you are their whole life. You'll be overwhelmed with unconditional love and support from your new pet. Dogs and cats of all ages die every day from the lack of love and shelter. Adopt

It will help shut down puppy mills across the country. They consist of horrible living conditions, abuse, and pet overpopulation. Animals are shoved into little cages made of wire or wood and are only brought out to breed. Female and male animals are forced to breed over and over again until the industry is happy.

You're saving money, adoption price is much cheaper than buying a friend from a mill. Although there is an adoption fee this usually covers food, medicine, spay or neuter, vaccinations and microchipping. Sometimes shelters even have promotions going on to help you save even more money!

You get a healthy pet, shelter animals are happy loving and well taken care of. Most dogs that are in shelters are mixed breeds, they tend to live longer than a pure breed. You also have the option to chose from all different ages when you adopt. You can skippy the puppy biting and house training part if you wish.

You have so many different options! Between long-haired or short-haired, small or big, hyper or calm. There are endless options and it is your choice!

Who wouldn't want to open up a box on Christmas Day to find a furry little guy? Encourage others to do the same! You can help, opt to adopt.