When people ask you, "What is your dream?" or "What do you dream of?" many respond with a career choice, being rich, having a family, or even falling in love.

All of these are honestly wonderful dreams; however, they're all big dreams. Dreams that take time and dedication.

A lot of people don't really focus on the little dreams; the simple ones that are kind of important in order for us to get to these big dreams. Although small and simple, these dreams can really affect you for the better; often times they can lead to even bigger dreams or kind of put things into perspective for you.

Granted, big dreams are what take up most of your priority, but the small ones are always overlooked, even when they shouldn't be.

After all, you have to learn how to walk before you can run, right?

Small dreams can be as simple as "I'm going to pass this exam with an A," or "This week, I'm getting up early so I can go walk around campus," or whatever the case may be. Try to think of it as a stepping stone in order to reach your big dream.

Do you want to be more confident in yourself? Stop comparing yourself to those Instagram models that love to flood our feed and try to learn that you're wonderful in your own way! Self-care and love are ideal!

Is Grad School something you want to achieve in the future? Start making those A's in class, buddy! Study, Study, Study!

Are a happy marriage and a family something you've always wanted to have? Don't forget to also try being a bit more social, and make a lot more friendships wherever you go! You never know what might happen!

Who said that big dreams are all that matters?

Small dreams are accomplishments in itself. They're ridiculously important and should be celebrated no matter what!

These small accomplishments can ground you in a way and remind you of what you're working towards as well as keeping you from overworking yourself (Which can be detrimental!).

If a small accomplishment feels big to you now, accomplishing your big dream is going to feel unimaginable!

Moral of the story: Celebrate your accomplishments!

Whether you graduated college or woke up early enough to go for a run, it's something that was done in order to improve yourself for the better, and while it might be small, it's certainly something to be proud of!

Go You!