A Letter To My Mama Hooman While She Is At Work

Deer Mama,

I searched and searched for you today, but you no where to be found.

I wonder how long it has been now?

Maybe 3...4..days?

I wonder where you go when it's not with me?

I don't think I'd ever choose to go anywhere without you...

So I know where ever you go'd...it's probably somewhere specil.

Do you think maybe next time you go that you can bring a friend?

The friend has 4 legs and lots of hair. That friend is me, mama.

Can you bring me please?

When you are not home with me, I look through the whole house.

I sweep up some crumbs with my tongue that you left for me in the kitchen,

I play with the toy you like to throw to me,

and I sleep in your bed, right on the pillow you lay your head on.

It smells just like you mama.

After a really long day without you, I like to sit by the window.

I bark at the people I think might come to hurt us.

And then I get sad when I realize those people were not my mama.

I wait...and I wait. But still no Mama.

The crumbs are gone now.

My toy won't seem to throw itself.

And the pillow smells like me now, and that's not what I want.

You see mama, you are my whole wide world.

I'm the luckiest doggo in the universe!

Who else gets their very own mama hooman, like me?

Time goes by so slowly without you Mama.

If I could speed it up I would because my favorite and most happy times are spent with you.

I know you have a lot of things that make you happy.

You have other people you love.

You have lots of yummy foods-not just one.

You get to do fun things and see fun things and live life with lots of fun things.

But I only have you.

(And my favorite stuffed toy fren-Sam)

I would not want to switch places though Mom.

Because since I only have you, I get to know a love so much stronger than any other doggo and hooman out there!

It's why you get all the kisses when you come home.

It's why I jump sometimes (sorry I just really happy)

It's why I bark so no mailman can hurt you or UPS man can take you away!

I do it because I love my mama hooman.

And I know my mama hooman loves me too...

So next time you go mama,

please take me with you.

Don't be gone long.

And don't get frustrated at me when you get home because I show you so much love.

You see...you're just my whole world mama.

And even though I don't get to live the longest life, I wouldn't choose to live it with anyone else.

Now come home mama.

I need more crumbs, hugs, and love.


Your Doggo

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