90+ Educational Titles for Kids to Watch on Netflix
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90+ Educational Titles for Kids to Watch on Netflix

90+ Educational Titles for Kids to Watch on Netflix

90+ Educational Titles for Kids to Watch on Netflix

As the world is going through the Covid-19 crisis, schools, colleges, and universities are closed to stop the spread of virus. And because of this majority of parents are having difficulties managing their children's routine while working from home because of limited resources to keep their children engage with educational stuff.

So if you are going through the same situation then don't worry. Here I am going to tell you how you can engage your children during these lockdown days by letting them watch educational content on Netflix.

From elementary to science, everything is available on Netflix that will help you to engage your kids to learn dull and boring topics in the most entertaining way.

Following is the list of educational titles with their IMDb ratings:

Note: Most of the following content is available on American Netflix. However, if you are residing in the UK, ScreenBinge can help you to access US Netflix in UK or anywhere globally.


Netflix does not offer educational content only for adults but also offers dozens of shows and movies for kids who are in pre-elementary school to help them learn about basic pillars of education including famous poems, earth, science and more in the most engaging way:

  1. Puffin Rock (IMDb: 8.6/10)
  2. Hilda (IMDb: 8.6/10)
  3. Molang (IMDb: 8.5/10)
  4. Go! Go! Cory Carson (IMDb: 8.4/10)
  5. Storybots Super Songs (IMDb: 8.3/10)
  6. Julie's Greenroom (IMDb: 8.3/10)
  7. Motown Magic (IMDb: 8.2/10)
  8. Green Eggs and Ham (IMDb: 8.2/10)
  9. Ask the Story Bots (IMDb: 8.1/10)
  10. Charlie's Colorforms City (IMDb: 8/10)
  11. Beat Bugs (IMDb: 7.6/10)
  12. Pocoyo (IMDb: 7.6/10)
  13. Room on the Broom (IMDb: 7.6/10)
  14. Octonauts (IMDb: 7.3/10)
  15. Beat Bugs: All Together Now (IMDb: 7.6/10)
  16. Octonauts (IMDb: 7.3/10)
  17. Ben & Holly's Little Kingdom (IMDb: 7.3/10)
  18. True: Magical Friends (IMDb: 7.2/10)
  19. True and the Rainbow Kingdom (IMDb: 7/10)
  20. Pajanimals (IMDb: 7/10)
  21. True: Wonderful Wishes (IMDb: 7/10)
  22. True: Happy Hearts Day (IMDb: 7/10)
  23. Chip and Potato (IMDb: 6.9/10)
  24. Noddy, Toyland Detective (IMDb: 6.9/10)
  25. Treehouse Detectives (IMDb: 6.8/10)
  26. True: Winter Wishes (IMDb: 6.7/10)
  27. Care Bears & Cousins (IMDb: 6.7/10)
  28. Super Monsters (IMDb: 6.7/10)
  29. Justin Time GO! (IMDb: 6.6/10)
  30. Luna Petunia (IMDb: 6.4/10)
  31. Splash and Bubbles (IMDb: 6.4/10)
  32. Peppa Pig (IMDb: 6.3/10)
  33. Tip the Mouse (IMDb: 6.1/10)
  34. Rainbow Ruby (IMDb: 6.1/10)
  35. Word Party (IMDb: 6.1/10)
  36. Llama Llama (IMDb: 6.1/10)
  37. Max & Ruby (IMDb: 6/10)
  38. A Storybots Christmas (IMDb: 5.7/10)
  39. Care Bears: PJ Masks (IMDb: 5.7/10)
  40. Tayo the Little Bus (IMDb: 5.6/10)
  41. Welcome to Care-a-Lot (IMDb: 5.4/10)
  42. Sid the Science Kid (IMDb: 5.4/10)
  43. Goldie & Bear (IMDb: 3.8/10)

Science & Space

There are tons of shows and series available on Netflix related to science and space for kids. From basic science concepts to most dazzling inventions:

  1. Bill Nye: Science Guy (IMDb: 8.2/10)
  2. Big Dream: Engineering our World (IMDb: 8.1/10)
  3. The Mind, Explained (IMDb: 8.1/10)
  4. Adam Ruins Everything (IMDb: 8/10)
  5. Inside Bill's Brain (IMDb: 8/10)
  6. The Bleeding Edge (IMDb: 7.7/10)
  7. The Social Network (IMDb: 7.7/10)
  8. The Theory of Everything (IMDb: 7.7/10)
  9. The genius of the Modern World (IMDb: 7.6/10)
  10. Everyday Miracles (IMDb: 7.5/10)
  11. Apex: The Story of Hypercar (IMDb: 7.4/10)
  12. Age of Tanks (IMDb: 7.4/10)
  13. The Code (IMDb: 7.4/10)
  14. Snowden (IMDb: 7.3/10)
  15. Decoding the Weather Machine (IMDb: 7.3/10)
  16. Playing Hard (IMDb: 7.2/10)
  17. Print the Legend (IMDb: 7.1/10)
  18. Unacknowledged (IMDb: 7.1/10)
  19. The Milk System (IMDb: 7.1/10)
  20. Dark Net (IMDb: 7.1/10)
  21. Ralph Breaks the Internet (IMDb 7.1/10)
  22. The Great Hack (IMDb: 7/10)
  23. Prediction by the Numbers (IMDb: 7/10)
  24. White Rabbit Project (IMDb: 6.9/10)
  25. Astronomy Club (IMDb: 6.9/10)
  26. Memory Games (IMDb: 6.7/10)
  27. The Most Unknown (IMDb: 6.6/10)
  28. Behind the Curve (IMDb: 6.5/10)
  29. The Bomb (IMDb: 6.5/10)
  30. The Creative Brain (IMDb: 6.3/10)
  31. Life 2.0 (IMDb: 6.2/10)
  32. 100 Humans: Life's Questions, Answered (IMDb: 5.6/10)
  33. Natural Selection (IMDb: 5.1/10)
  34. Stunt Science (IMDb: 4.7/10)
  35. 1.The Universe (IMDb: 8.8/10)
  36. 2.NOVA: Black Hole Apocalypse (IMDb: 8/10)
  37. 3.The Beginning And End of the Universe (IMDb: 7.8/10)
  38. 4.Space Racers (IMDb: 7.6/10)
  39. 5.Mission Control The Unsung heroes of Apollo (IMDb: 7.5/10)
  40. 6.MARS (IMDb: 7.5/10)
  41. 7.NOVA: Ultimate Mars Challenge (IMDb: 7.5/10)
  42. 8.Ultimate Mars Challenge (IMDb: 7.5/10)
  43. 9.Ancient Aliens (IMDb: 7.3/10)
  44. 10.A Year in Space (IMDb: 7.3/10)
  45. 11.The Last Man on the Moon (IMDb: 7.3/10)
  46. 12.Edge of the Universe (IMDb: 7.2/10)
  47. 13.The Search for Life in Space (IMDb: 7.2/10)
  48. 14.NOVA: Death Dive to Saturn (IMDb: 7.1/10)
  49. 15.The Most Unknown (IMDb: 6.6/10)
  50. 16.The Mars Generation (IMDb: 6.5/10)
  51. 17.Space Between Us (IMDb: 6.4/10)
  52. 18.14 Minutes From Earth (IMDb: 5.4/10)
  53. 19.The Jaime Maussan Show (IMDb: 4.9/10)
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