No matter where life takes you (battling leviathans in Richard Roman Enterprises, cruising across the country in the impala, or just eating a slice of pie in Sioux Falls, SD), know that there are dozens of reasons as to why a little bit of Dean Winchester resides within us all. With further ado, here are nine signs that you are Sam's older brother.

1. Food is your life.

2. I mean, ALL food is your life. Vegetarianism doesn't slide well with you.

3. You're witty.

4. You're not a people person.

5. Much like Dean, you have a great outlook on everything life throws at you.

6. You handle your fear like a champ.

7. You'd do anything for your sibling.

8. You're harder on yourself more than anybody else.

9. Though you may be edgy on the outside, you've come to understand and face your de[an]mons.