9 Signs You Are Dean Winchester from The CW's "Supernatural"

No matter where life takes you (battling leviathans in Richard Roman Enterprises, cruising across the country in the impala, or just eating a slice of pie in Sioux Falls, SD), know that there are dozens of reasons as to why a little bit of Dean Winchester resides within us all. With further ado, here are nine signs that you are Sam's older brother.

1. Food is your life.

2. I mean, ALL food is your life. Vegetarianism doesn't slide well with you.

3. You're witty.

4. You're not a people person.

5. Much like Dean, you have a great outlook on everything life throws at you.

6. You handle your fear like a champ.

7. You'd do anything for your sibling.

8. You're harder on yourself more than anybody else.

9. Though you may be edgy on the outside, you've come to understand and face your de[an]mons.

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