My morning commute into Philadelphia has really taught me that any song can get old— and fast. I've turned to podcasts because it's something different every day (and I can learn something new). The best thing about podcasts is that you can choose any topic you're in the mood for and then listen to people talk about it for like an hour... and I love that situation.

Here are my top 9 podcasts for your commute (and no, NPR isn't one of them):

1. "The Skinny Confidential"

My HANDS DOWN FAVORITE. Lauryn Evarts, the creators of "The Skinny Confidential" blog and her husband, Michael Bostick, team up for this podcast to deliver total realness with all the specificity you could ever want and imagine. They discuss topics from health and wellness to sex and to addiction but in a memorable and creative way.

2. "That's So Retrograde"

This is newest to my list of podcasts, but I've already fallen in love with it. These girls are funny and quirky, but also know how to get the information you want across (while making you laugh simultaneously). "That's So Retrograde" covers a wide variety of subjects, but they definitely have a focus on wellness.

3. "Adderall And Compliments"

The best place for an uncensored opinion...and just another one of my fav podcasts that covers almost everything from pop culture to real-life stories to dating and so much more. You can really cover all the bases with this one.

4. "I Love You So Much"

Kenzie Elizabeth knows how to get my morning started for sure! She talks about an array of relevant subjects in a way young people can relate to. If you're struggling with something, looking for reassurance, or seeking a comfort podcast, this is for you.

5. "The Morning Toast"

I love "The Morning Toast" because it's more of a radio show, but has the feel of a podcast. The girls come to you live every weekday morning with their take on the media's hottest gossip and fun stories! You'll laugh, cry, and gasp (maybe all at the same time).

6. "Crime Junkie"

I'm a health and wellness podcast queen—if you couldn't tell yet— but I'm also a sucker for true crime and any podcast where I can kick in my detective skills. "Crime Junkie" keeps your adrenaline running high and the suspense will make your commute feel faster than ever.

7. "Wrinkled Not Dead"

This couple doesn't believe in a mid-life crisis. They've taken their age to the limits and shown the world that you can still be the best version of yourself as you age. It might not directly apply to me now, but it's interesting to hear their take on things as an older couple in the wellness realm.

8. "The Health Code"

Surprise! Another couple's podcast that I adore! Blogger "Sarah's Day" and her husband Kurt are the cutest couple and discuss all things wellness, relationships, and life on their cheeky podcast.

9. "Tiny Meet Gang"

Anyone who knows me knows I've always loved Cody Ko. When Cody and Noel started the TMG podcast, my comedy world turned upside down. They know exactly how to make me laugh and the podcast is perfect when I need to boost my mood before work. They truly have humor like none other.